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April 21, 2017: I said months ago I'd stop posting video embeds here unless I found something
especially pertinent and relevant to cruising. I budget my time for serious medical and personal needs
as well as the business of maintaining and improving CFS.

I felt inspired by this locker room scene from MenOver30. I'm well over 30, as are some of you,
and some of you younger guys still like us if we're adventerous and appealing. Or whatever.

More to the point, CFS is all about risky sex in risky places,
those public and semi-public spots — including locker rooms — so why the hell not?
This is indeed what we do.

If you like this, go to your local gym or health club and give it a try.
And if you're not quite in-shape, well, let's help your health and your sex life, too! 😉

Risky Sex Is Hot Sex

Dustin and Tyler have entered the locker room and Dustin is explaining this article that he recently read that says if you have risky sex or public sex it increases the pleasure of your ejaculation. Tyler says he just likes sex, so anyway is fine with him. Dustin tells him that they should have sex right there in the locker room to prove the article and Tyler agrees.

They start out kissing and stroking each other and soon both cocks are out hard as a rock. Tyler sucks Dustin first then Dustin sucks Tyler's big thick cock. Dustin rims and fingers Tyler's sweet ass before pushing him up against the lockers and fucking him deep. He bends Tyler over the bench fucking him even deeper and then flips him on his back and fucks the cum out of him. Dustin can't hold back any longer and pulls his dick out and shoots his load onto Tyler's face and beard.

Now, I'm not going to spend a lot of time on a sales pitch here,
although whatever you spend with our porn affiliates or at the CFS Theatre is deeply appreciated.
You can see the movie by joining MenOver30.
They do seem to have quite a few public sex scenes lately. Check it out.

And of course, CFS Theatre has 1000s of videos with scenes in various public and semi-public spots.
I'll leave it up to you to explore and choose.

CFS always lets you decide.

Unlike the studios, you don't have to join the CRUISING for SEX Theatre or make a commitment.

Do what you want, pay it your way, it's NSA, all up to you.

Our Theatre is always available on your phone, your tablet, or your computer.

It honestly doesn't really matter to me (that much)
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What matters to me most here is that everybody gets paid for their work,
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That emphatically includes any — yes, any! — kind of work you do.

By the same token, if you enjoy CFS, CFS needs to be paid for too.

Join or renew at a studio through our links,
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November 30, 2016: I'd said a few weeks ago I'd stop posting video embeds here unless I found something especially pertinent and relevant to cruising. I need to save my time for the bigger project of improving CFS.

Seeing this among the Newly Released movies in our Theatre, how could I pass it up? I've worked in a warehouse occasionally years ago, and I gone to sexclubs or other venues set up in old buildings in warehouse districts, but no, I have never actually had sex in a "real" warehouse. Let's pretend this one's real. Or maybe you know an abandoned warehouse near where you live or travel. Anyhow, here's a dose of hardcore action from HotHouse in

Cruising Grounds

What might look like just an empty warehouse to anyone else, is 'Cruising Grounds' to these horny fuckers, where a quick glance can lead to intense, anonymous, ass pounding action! Award Winning Director Tony Dimarco lets eight mischievous studs loose in this sexual playground, and lets the steamy action unfold.

Bearded hunk Chris Bines gets his ass eaten out and then pounded by JJ Knight and his massive, cum spurting python of a cock. Bad boy graffiti writer Sebastian Kross takes advantage of all that Kyle Kash has to offer: thick dick sucking lips and a tight hole for fucking!

Officer Bruce Beckham catches Chris Bines cruising for sex in the warehouse, but decides not to book Chris on any charges after a hot flipflop fuck. Beefy studs Jacob Tyler and Tommy Regan take advantage of the opportunity for some hot, anonymous sex: Tommy sucks Jacob's cock and offers up his ass for pounding. See for yourself what happens in the dark corners and back rooms when you come and visit the 'Cruising Grounds!'

Now, scenes Cruising Grounds have been on the HotHouse site
since May, June, and July, and it's been available for sale as a DVD since August.
You can see the movie by joining HotHouse.

The DVD is actually available at the Falcon Store with three "bonus scenes," all for $34.99. There have per-scene download options, too.
CFS doesn't get a commission if you buy through that link,
but you've got a right to know.

Why does our VOD-Provider call Cruising Grounds an October, 2016 release? Beats me.
But you can watch it with us for a much lower cost, sans "bonus scenes,"
download, stream for life, or just take in the minutes you want.

Thanks for your time, your participation, and your support. ~ Bob S., Manager/Editor

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