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August 27: So here's the latest from IconMale, and we're only getting started with them. We start off with a burglar in

Fuck Him Like You Hate Him

Sexy straight Italian Andrew Fitch issues a beat down to young burglar Doug Acre and then hate fucks the bubble butt blonde giving him a dirty man on man hard banging. He aggressively slams his ass to an explosive orgasm. Teaching young Doug Acre exactly who is boss!

Have you ever been robbed? I was mugged in my car once, boxed in near a stoplight. The guy had a gun and it wasn't sexy or fun. I'd rather hang out with the men in this just released this month movie already in our CRUISING for SEX Theatre

Football Hero 2

Retired professional football star Hugh Hanson (Hugh Hunter) has agreed to coach a local football team, but as his own former coach (Max Sargent) tells young lover (Doug Acre), that's like putting a wolf in charge of the hen house!

Hugh's jealous, power bottom boyfriend (Armond Rizzo) suspects that Hugh won't be able to resist the hot, young football players, and he's proven right when Hugh seduces gorgeous young athlete Ethan Slade. Meanwhile, team players Kory Houston and Andrew Austin decide to take a break from summer training for some sexual playtime of their own.

This clip is the scene Sweaty Athletes with Kory and Andrew, and it's courtesy of IconMale.

We have an affiliate arrangement with them and quite frankly, it's all good with me:

on an NSA pay-per-minute basis, or even stream a particular movie for life for $11.99

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While we're talking about IconMale, don't miss Cutler X
— 11 inches? From the slideshow? —
with real-life husband Adam Russo in
Real Couples Bareback

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If you fantasize about young str8 guys — Maybe they're not that straight? This ones right on the edge! — here's one for you. It's from STRAIGHTMEN XXX

Sean Edging The Keys

Damn, nothing like a sexy pool boy to arouse the senses; revel in the splash of our latest StraightMenXXX.com model, Sean Keys. He has a spirited personality, but first I wanted to show you just how hot this hands on heterosexual guy is. 22, born in Arizona, Sean spends a lot of his time indoors, at the keys. A fully trained pianist, he shares his talents with audiences from around the area, and his 7 inch dick with girls; he's a full friends with benefits type of guy.

He does admit he knows what a good looking guy could do to him, if everything was right. In the studio, you can see that Sean is an edgy guy and with just a bit of lube, he gets close often, must be the skilled hands. His sexy fare frame looks stimulating against the dark background; Sean moans loudly as his breathing deepens. Zooming in on his beautiful cock and large shorn sack, he then presents his fuzzy bum. Anchoring himself on a pair of muscular feet, Sean blows; fuck, I agree, his black and white work is a masterpiece.

I gotta tell you, we don't even have this studio at our Theatre.

So if Sean and the other "straight" guys, bi-curious dudes, twinks, and even the "tough and tattooed" ones you see here look appealing, join


Late Tuesday, August 23: Tonight here's the most popular clip of the week. It's from Corbin Fisher. You know he features lots of college dudes, so it's just in time for the ones heading to campus for Fall — and the guys who love them.

Soaking Up San Diego

CF could not revisit our past homes without including San Diego in the mix. For a few years, CF was split between Tampa and San Diego, and we got to know and love the latter just as much as we have our other homes.

Marc, Kellan, Jacob, and Ellis help us revisit gorgeous San Diego in five full-length, hardcore scenes — as well as loads of fun bonus footage of the guys making the most of the trip! These studs could put on one hell of a show anywhere they went, but San Diego's surf and sun brought out some extra doses of lust and horniness in all four, and we're treated to a wild intense collection that is a must-own.

Hmm, sounds that that was an off-campus trip. I used to live near that Hillcrest sign and I recognize other sites in their clips, but did they cruise San Clemente Canyon or climb down to Black's Beach?
That's what I want to know.

Wherever they went, wherever they go, you can find 85 Corbin Fisher films in our Theatre. As I said, it's one of the most popular and most watched studios we can offer.

Take a look and find out why.

Thanks for your time, your participation, and your support. ~ Bob S., Manager/Editor

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