The Pulse Nightclub Shootings on June 12 in Orlando continue to grow in impact.
Please donate to the fund for the victims, survivors, and families.

See Orlando: What Does It Mean? What Do We Do? on our Message Board. Login and share your thoughts and reactions. June 17 I added a post about stronger security measures being taken at Pride Celebrations in the US and Canada. See more below about events the weekend of June 24 - 26.
This video "A Message of Love and Hope for Orlando" from GoFundMe illustrates the response.
The fundraiser with Florida Equality is their largest ever.

Regardless of the shooting's connection to terrorism and to the US gun violence phenomenon, I believe this is a special moment in LGBT history and an opportunity to be our best selves. If there is a Pride event near you or you have been planning to travel to attend one, please do it without fear, but in the strength of love.

"An army of lovers cannot fail." ~ attributed to Plato. ~ Bob S.
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Friday, June 24: The High Season of Pride is here from New York City to San Francisco, in London and Dublin, in Mexico City and Shanghai. Remember that it started at Stonewall, resisting and fighting back, and know that we and our allies are and will be strong.

Whoever you are, however you identify or call yourself,
you deserve respect and to have pride in yourself.

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June 23: Cities across the country together have the biggest Pride events in the USA this weekend with both increased security and increased resolve.

San Francisco Pride detailed security measures for the Civic Center Celebration. There will be 25% more police officers at Pride events there this year. From the SF Chronicle, Supervisor Scott Wiener said, "We need to have the most celebratory and joyous Pride that we have ever had before. That is how we will win and that is how we will send the message that nothing is going to get us down." LogoTV's NewNowNext called it Pride on "Lockdown."

NYC Pride has a post-Orlando statement that they've had some of the best security protocols in place and also "...we must never let those who wish to silence us win."

From an interview, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said NYPD is "very prepared" for Pride. "In New York, we celebrate difference... We celebrate all the different people that live in the city and we intend to protect each and every one of them." Don't be scared off by the WPIX headline stressing mass shootings.

Still, at historic Julius in Greenwich Village, the NY Times tells us the mood is "more somber" but also "people were in a fighting spirit."

While the Sun-Times has Chicago's security plans, staffers of leading Muslim and LGBTQ advocacy groups expressed "solidarity against hate". Details from the Windy City Times.

Pride Houston updated the security statement with a notice no firearms are allowed at Pride events. "Check yer guns at the door."

From the Houston Chronicle, Fran Watson, one of two parade Grand Marshals said, "We have a heightened awareness that what happened in Orlando can happen anywhere, but gays and lesbians have been threatened for so long by so many groups, including political parties who are supposed to be representing us, that we already know to stand strong, together."

Meanwhile, from New York [Fusion] to the Bay Area [The Guardian] and beyond, some express concern about increased policed presences, especially in light of frequent tension (or much worse) between people of color and police.

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You know that Stonewall in June, 1969 was the birth of the modern LGBT rights movement. President Obama just named the Stonewall Inn, site of two nights of riots followed by days of demonstrations, a National Monument. After Stonewall, Pride came in the Seventies, first in the cities with the largest gay and lesbian (we said that back then) presence, later spreading worldwide.

The Seventies also gave us a new age of gay porn, widely available, some like Boys In The Sand reaching mainstream audiences and even into Variety's ("There are no more closets!") top 50 grossing films the first week. A mark of our "liberation" was open sexuality and sex and porn.

Speaking as one who came of age in the late Seventies and came out in the early Eighties, why should my generation keep the glory that is Al Parker to ourselves? This was the age when gay men were coming out than ever. We also had more backlash, followed by HIV/AIDS. Like those before us, we paved the way for today.

Take one look at Al's cock, then read a short bio, then watch the clip from 1983 of Games Finale from Surge Studios preserved by Bijou Video,
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Photographing Jeff (Leo Ford) for the cover of The Games, Al Parker and his boy get some great shots. With the camera set down, Al Parker and Jeff continue to shoot, especially once Al fucks Jeff from behind.

Now, this was set at Gay Games 1 in San Francisco, 1982. As often happens in our community, there are splits and divisions, and the World OutGames began in a 2006 disagreement between the sponsors and the host city.

Like those other more famous games coming in Rio this summer, you know that the Closing Ceremony and the Opening Ceremony are the high points. Here's Games Opening with samples of different scenes (Al again!) along with a full description. You can see it all at RetroMales.

Athletic beauty, foreskin and large cocks on well-built men highlight this Steve Scott-directed classic gay porn film of blond bombshell Leo Ford as a swimmer and Al Parker as a photographer at the first San Francisco Gay Games including actual, live footage. Parker services a big and fat disembodied cock sticking through a human-sized piece of cardboard with a gloryhole at the introduction of this film.

Later scenes have Johnny Dawes and the late Mike Davis in a locker room 69-ing, eating ass, and fucking holes, Parker and hitchhiker Russ Franklin on the floor of a van where Parker fucks the hell out of the fan's asshole before blowing onto his face, and Leo Ford and Davis in the showers where coach Davis rims out his asshole.

Other sessions feature Ford and Jim Rogers on a bedroom floor, Parker and Giorgio Canali fucking each other in a black limo, Ben Barker and Brian Nichols in a hospital room as well as Barker and Ford, and Parker with Ford back at the photo studio (that closing scene).

Unfortunately, jarred pacing and editing during some of the sex segments are abundant. Also, the overlaid soundtrack and sound effects are often intrusive instead of complimentary. Despite the large number of sex scenes, they often do not develop to the lengths they should have. Plenty of pre-AIDS bareback sex: shooting into mouths, ass-sucking and unprotected humping.

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