CRUISING for SEX Newslettter: Hot Reviews & New Cruisy Places Are Back!
April 29, 2016: Hot Reviews & New Cruisy Places Are Back!
Welcome back to the CRUISING for SEX Newsletter, and thank you very much for your patience while it was suspended. What started as a break for last year's Holiday Season turned into an unending series of emergencies for me, both personal and work-related. Several members of the site have been in touch asking about the Newsletters. I deeply appreciate your support and understanding.

There's a new look for this email, less text, more images, and most importantly, a design and layout I hope will be easier to read on phones and tablets. What's still the same is the Sex Listings that you create by writing reviews and suggesting new places on the web site. Some email clients still have formatting issues to be fixed; Let me know if you do.

Photos here come from our Cruiser Gallery and are resized or retouched for this Newsletter. So much text... See this pic unobscured, one of two GH Pics from this cruiser. You'll enjoy the gloryhole better — and see more from other CFS Members.

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There's so many many hot reviews on my list that I haven't sent you in a Newsletter. Of course, right now I can send just a few. As always, these are your hot accounts of places that are the core of the Sex Listings: cruisy public venues such as rest areas, parks, and toilets as well as semi-public venues such as adult bookstores and a nasty sexclub.

All of the Recently Added Reviews are now on a single page on the Sex Listings, fifty per page. You can keep going back to older pages all the way to 1999 — I think that's where Keith and I had placed previously undated reviews — if you like. It makes for interesting reading to see how cruising has evolved.

I'm working on a way to mark the "Best Reviews" for your hot dirty reading so that you'll be able to see the most recent ones on a single page on the Sex Listings, just as with the Recently Added Reviews. Ideally, you'll be able to search for "Best Reviews" and go back to read some of your favorites again and again.

See the dick in the background next to the pickup truck? You can't see it well 'cause I lightened it to put this text in front, but you can see the original of "Meet Me at the Rest Stop" here. When you do that, click on the pic to see it full size... My! It's big! That dick came up when I searched for "rest area." You never know what you'll find unless you look. Let's start off with two rest areas and a park.
Beekmantown and Point Au Roche Rest Areas, near Plattsburgh, NY. Cruisy toilet, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods

Posted Mar 28 2016: If you're looking for married/closeted guys to suck you off this is the place. I have received many after work blow jobs in this rest area.

If you're interested in seeing the inside of a semi with a sleeping cab this is the place to find one. Lots of Canadians and very little chit chat. Get down to business, get off and go.

You can meet waiting in a car, in the toilet or at the red smoking tin behind the toilets. Also in the woods directly behind rest area as well.

There's really nothing better in the area if you never want to see the dude again.

Gibbel Park, Hemet, Riverside County, CA. Cruisy park, toilet
Apr 02 2016: wasn't going to stop in the last time I drove by. It was super hot outside and I had to go to the store. But just as I was about to pass it, I pulled in. I'm glad I did.

I parked in the large parking lot west of the men's room, and right away a husky guy in black nylon shorts and a tank top got out of his car and strolled in. It looked like a hit. I gave it a minute, and then got out of my car and walked on in.

Most guys in this toilet are standing at the last urinal and playing it safe, but this dude was standing in the first stall, which is clearly visible due to the lowered walls, and was looking downward at something.

When I walked in he said "Hello," and I said it was "hot out there." He said "Yeah," and then he continued to look down at whatever it was he was doing. Then I walked over to the cutoff wall, and took a look. What he was doing was this: Continues below...
Rest Area, near Plymouth, MA. Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods (possibly more!)

Posted Apr 12 2016: Between the cops coming through regularly and the construction workers, any parking lot cruising is impossible.

However, unexpectedly while I was in the building having McDonalds, I caught an older daddy type eyeing me really hard. I decided "fuck it," finished my food, winked at him as I licked my lips, and motioned to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet waiting for a little bit.

After a couple minutes he slowly walked in and found me. He stood in the stall in front of me and shut the door as I yanked down his pants. I was happy to see a thick still soft 6" that I shoved in my mouth and sucked. He thrust and grunted something about me being a good boy and it grew and grew to almost 10", thick as my wrist in my throat.

I worked for a few minutes and heard someone walking in so lifted my feet up — so understand I just saw him facing the toilet — and looked up at him saying "quiet" with my eyes. The new guest left quickly and I resumed working the daddy-dick.

Ten minutes later he overflowed my mouth with cum as I tried to swallow, wiped his softening sticky dick all over my face, before zipping his pants up, and walking out to the sink. I ran to the sink to drink some water, then told him. "I'm here everyday from the bus," as he left with a smile and nod.

Now fully excited about that happening and the new ideas for here, I left to find my mom waiting to pick me up out front. When I got home, I noticed in the mirror I had cum smears on my cheeks, chin, and throat and drops on my shirt haha. Hopefully she didn't notice.

Gibbel Park review continues: He was slowly but deliberately stroking on a very big cock that appeared to be getting bigger with every stroke. I said,"That looks big." And he said, "It's fat," and it was.

He was stroking his big fat cock right there in the first stall, and there was nobody in this little toilet but me and him. I asked him if he wanted that sucked and he said "Why not?"

When I made my move to sit, he thought I was going to take that first stall. But I like the middle stall, and sat down there. When I got seated, I asked him if he'd ever been sucked off in here before. He said, "Maybe once or twice." I then asked him if he had any cum, and he said "Oh yeah, plenty!"

With that in mind, I went to work. It was hot in there, and the smell of old cum and fresh piss was the air as I took my first suck off his big cockhead. I got an immediate response, and I knew this guy had a load!

After sucking him to full erection, I took his entire cock down my throat, and I had to gag while doing it. I swallowed deep several times during the job, and I couldn't control my gag reflex for about a minute into it.

And then I started working hard. I gave him good head for about three minutes, and then I knew he was about to spurt, and spurt big!

A minute later, he did. He gushed a hot salty mess right into my mouth and it kept on coming! I kept it in my mouth and as he pulled out after pumping, I made a rude slurping sound and a string of cum followed out with his cockhead I sucked it back in with another slurp. When it was over, there was a little puddle of drool on the cement floor and the sharp taste of cum in my mouth. This guy's shoot was strong!

He went over to the next stall to clean up, and I said to him,"Now that was a load!" He said "It's still dripping," and then brought that big thing around again and let me do some clean-up on it. It wasn't dripping anymore after that.

After that he walked out, I was left sitting there in that hot, dirty toilet all alone, with a salty load of cum in my mouth.

Yeah, I'm glad I pulled in.
Keep reading for more reviews!
We're back with 5-way action in a Maryland college toilet. Was it in the Fieldhouse locker room? He's not really sure, but it sounds like the fuck of a lifetime.

Also, sleazy Seattle action in an adult bookstore, and getting downright dirty and nasty in a well-known LA sexclub.

Take note, the photos next to these reviews are adapted from our Cruiser Gallery but are not connected in any way to anyone in these reviews.
Towson State University - Towson Center Fieldhouse, Towson, Baltimore Metro, MD. Cruisy college locker room
Posted Apr 02 2016: I had an unbelievable experience last summer and this is absolutely true. I forget which building I was in, but the men's restroom had three stalls. I took the middle stall, removed my shorts, and prepped my smooth butt hoping for some action.

After a long thirty minutes, four Jamaican guys came in. When the alpha male peeped through stall door crack, I stood up, turned, and show him my naked ass.

When he rattled the door, I let him — in more ways than one. This guy had the hardest cock, a good seven inches and thick, that had ever fucked me. He also fucked me harder than anyone before. I literally had to push against the stall wall with my outstretched hands to keep my head from banging against it!

After pummeling my ass for what seemed forever, he pulled out of me, led me out of the stall, and let his buddies brazenly fuck me, right in the middle of the restroom, as I sucked his cock. They didn't care who walked in and they were noisy, too, laughing, talking.

Luckily for my tender ass, his buddies came quickly because the gangbang was not over yet. The alpha male re-entered my drenched rectum, and literally fucked their cum out of my ass, before he had his own earth shattering orgasm.

After they left, I shakily put my shorts back on, left the building, and sat down on some steps outside the building to recuperate. Not much later, a nice looking coed sat down close to me and we struck up a conversation.

When she got up to leave, I stood up, too. Although I had felt my asshole leaking like a sieve, I didn't realize the results would mean a big wet spot, right where I had been sitting. I hurriedly walked away.
Hollywood Boutique, Seattle, WA. Adult store with arcade, theatre
Posted Mar 23 2016: I made a bee-line to this place after getting into town, interest piqued by the earlier reviews. First, parking is officially horrible — very few spots in the back, so I ended up parking on the street — but felt comfortable with the brief walk to the store. Second, the staff were friendly and rang me up without breaking their conversation. It's usually $12, but apparently they occasionally have a $10 special. They did stop briefly to indicate how to navigate down to the basement where the action is, which is the most important part of these reviews of course.

So how was it? I went on a Tuesday around 10:30 pm, and surprisingly the place had a decent crowd, maybe ten men, including a tipsy tranny who sashayed in) The porn was good, with the gay theatre in the very back surprisingly empty, maybe because the film was somewhat old — or was it just not bareback, or just a little boring? The room one first walks into was playing a good straight flick. Off to the left, there was a nice trans movie playing, and hooking around the corner, a spacious room playing a straight selection with the pants of several patrons down to mid-thigh, visibly beating their meat.

I played around a bit, getting sucked by a troll and a twink. I played with the tranny but she seemed too drunk to give her hole up. I sucked off a silver daddy but really was craving anal in any form.

No one seemed interested in topping, so I zeroed in on a quiet-but-clearly-tweaking junkie on the swing. Neither shy nor with his consent, I proceeded to lube his ass with a few minutes of oral ministration, assessing my work with a quick, sloppy fingering. Armed with the requisite slickness, I got on my knees and guided my cock into his ass, nice, warm and surprisingly tight.

Despite "no smoking" signs to the contrary, he torched up when I got close to breeding him, and his new high sent me over that blissful edge. My brazen hole-rape apparently prompted some of the other guys into active oral work. As I withdrew, I was happy to see my load languidly drip from the junkie's ass. He seemed happy.

That made my night. The only thing I like to top more than a man's ass is when I unload into someone's girlfriend's raw pussy. As I left I quickly washed up in the sink upstairs, in that weird supply hallway leading to the theatre. Towels were lacking, but there was a functioning hand dryer.

Overall I'd echo an earlier review that this was more fun than the video store in Everett — the vibe is so much better with the smaller sub-theatres. If you're on the north side, I think this is a suitably fun place to spend a few hours in the company of like-minded gents.
Slammer, Los Angeles, CA. Sexclub
Posted Mar 20 2016: Saturday was a hot nasty time at Slammer with the place gradually filling up with hot muscle masculine men!

I started at 4 pm in the piss room laying down in the tub ready to take what might come my way. I had a double thick chain around my neck and a ball cap waiting for my first hot piss. Before you know it I was reaching up to suck some big dick followed by loads of piss.

The first guy was heavy dude but with a thick dick. Following my six others, I got on my knees giving a blow job as I felt warn hot piss on my ass. I came up for air only to get two shots of cum over my face and hairy chest.

I took a break and walked around including the dark room and got fucked by one of the guys who earlier had pissed on me as a dozen nasty guys were all around engaged in every sex move possible. Eyed a few guys who followed me back to the piss room to do my duty as the toilet.

Another six piss loads and then three hot body builders walked in with dicks hanging out and they played with nipples and muscle butts. I leaned out over the tub on my hands and knees and stuck my tough up a muscle butt and cleaned him good, only to be followed by the others.

A hot tall 6'2" Filipino-mixed dude walked in, left, and then returned for a second look. He grabbed me and took me by my chain to a private fuck room where I licked his ass and then he fucked my as his muscle butt banged away.

I walked back to the piss room when guys were still fucking around at midnight. I could have easily stayed there until 4 am serving all as the resident butt-licking cum-loving piss slave and later after closing hours to serve the clean up crew. Hot time as always.
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Read on for more Newly Added Places!
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Now for just a few of the places added to the Sex Listings since the last newsletter.
See all fifty of the most Recently Added Places for more.

Coyote Song Way, Palm Desert, Palm Springs/Coachella Valley, California. Street cruising

Posted Jan 25, 2016: This is a dead end street with cruising. There is only one access point, so you can see who's coming, except for the occasional dune-buggy or 4-wheeler coming from the desert to the east.

People park here on lunch hour and into the evening. Quite private, there's nothing much around here. I have jacked off a few times with random dudes and got sucked once there!

Additional Review Apr 15, 2016: Checked it out while in town for Coachella. I parked and walked a bit, then passed a car with some older dudes rubbing their crotches.

They invited me in their car and we jacked off and sprayed cum all over their rental car! Fuck'n hot!
Bear Creek Recreation Area, Ursa, Near the Mississippi River in rural Illinois. Cruisy park, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods

Posted Feb 2 2016: It's slow, no one knows of it yet. It's great, I got blowjobs. They're mostly older men. It's hot. We need to use this hidden place. It's off the road and private, one way in, one way out, no cops or conservation or rangers here. Please cum try it out. Lots of trails and privacy.
Hiller Park, Biloxi, Mississippi Gulf Coast. Cruisy park, toilet, parking lot

Posted Feb 2 2016: This park is not busy but patience can be rewarded! Most action takes place in warmer weather in the back of the park, which is the end of Hiller Drive. Drive through the park a time or two so you're noticed and check out the bathrooms. Park in the back of the park and sit in your vehicle or on one of the picnic benches. In warmer weather, men walk into the small wooded area close by.

Additional Review Feb 14, 2016: Hit or miss but there's dick there. (Sattelite-view map attached with cruisy areas indicated)
Rocky River Metroparks Reservation - Cottonwood and Mastick Picnic Areas, Fairview Park, Cleveland Metro, Ohio. Cruisy park, toilet, parking lot, woods

Posted Feb 19 2016: Amazing. There's a path right at the end of the Cottonwood parking lot that goes into the woods. There's a lot of action there and the Mastick park next to Cottonwood. Treat it the same as Edgewater park, back in and keep your lights on, or just hang around the parking lot. Lots of blue-collar and some clinical staff from Fairview Hospital go there.
The Home Depot, Pelham, Bigmingham Metro, Alabama. Cruisy toilet

Posted Mar 16 2016: The restroom here is hit and miss but I go and some other guys I know do, too. The urinals are beyond two stalls and you can do almost anything at the stalls and have plenty of time to get back to normal before anyone gets over there. The door is noisy, too. You also can do understall action in the last stall past the urinals, one guy inside the stall and one outside.

I have fucked, sucked, and had three-ways here. It's better to go at non-busy times when traffic is slow. Bad times are lunch time and 5 pm.

If you want to be more subtle, then just go straight to the urinals. You can get in the two stalls and tap your foot four times and repeat this till both are doing it. Then move to the urinals or just go straight to the urinals and play with yourself when another person is nearby. Hope to see some new faces!
Tongass National Forest: Ward Lake Nature Trail, Ketchikan, Alaska. Cruisy campground, park, parking lot, nearby woods

Posted Mar 19 2016: During the winter/fall/spring this is a quiet place to hook up at. You can hook up in cars as there are parking locations with a lot of brush around. There are also a lot of hiking trails around that you can hook up at, too. In the summer the trails can be active, but it's open late. A campground is near by and there can be some horny campers!
Red Gym Men's Club, Syracuse, New York. Bathhouse with full facilities

Posted Dec 24 2015: A new, very clean facility. Not too big, but enough space for wandering, public sex, dark corners and private rooms.
Palace Spa, Federal Way, Seattle Metro Area, Washington. Sauna/Spa/Healthclub with covert action

Posted Dec 24 2015: This Korean spa is a little older than others in the city. It has gender-separated facilities so the action takes place at the steam room and dry sauna since nudity is required.

Once you show interest, men will gather with their hard-ons and start stroking and hovering. I got into a six-way with one boy who almost slipped on his own cum. Be careful and mindful and you will do well.
Park Central Hotel San Francisco, San Franciso Metro, California. Cruisy toilet

Posted Dec 30 2015: Great quiet restrooms on the second or third floors with shiny floors and stall doors that go all the way to the floor. On the same floor as the ballrooms, so there's not a lot of disturbances when there aren't any conferences. Don't be too obvious you're heading here; the elevator is less obvious than the escalator. Front desk is on the lookout for anyone who doesn't look like a guest.

I watched a few guys sucking and fucking in the last handicap stall from the reflection, then later the guy next to me slid his thick cock for some understall play. It seems like a good place for guys to meet up for uninterrupted action, but hit or miss when it's busy.


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