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Welcome to CRUISING for SEX! If this is your first time here let me personally welcome you. The site was founded by Keith (the guy in the picture), often known online as "The Cruisemaster." CRUISING for SEX has been online since 1995, always free thanks to the generous support of our advertisers (why there are so many ads) and various sponsors. Please keep in mind that these sites free only because of our advertising and rely on you to click thrugh and patronize them to allow this site to stay online and free. If you have a question about how to the various features, please refer to the help page. If you have questions about what this site is about and about the whole subject of cruising, check our FAQ. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Keith passed away in September 2012 and is dearly missed by his many friends and business colleages. CRUISING for SEX is now managed and edited by his friend Bob, who has served as a programmer and consultant for Keith's sites since 2000.

Because of Keith's long illness and the time it took to settle his estate, there is a lot of work needed to bring the sites up to date and make them more user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and able to exist ongoing into the future. This process slowly began in September 2013 with many technical changes that are not visible to you. More changes are coming and I welcome your input. In the meantime, what you see below represents Keith's writing about the site and how it worked according to his vision.

Bob S.

To help you navigate, let me break our website down into 'real world' cruising and 'online' cruising:

Real World Cruising

Looking for places men congregate for hookups? Baths, sexclubs, cruisy toilets and other public or semi-public places are covered extensively in our comprehensive Sex Listings. No registration is required to search, read or submit information, though you'll enjoy many additional features if you complete our free registration process:

Online Cruising

We offer a Message Board for posting messages in regional forums and the Cruiser Gallery to upload your amateur pictures and video clips for others to enjoy. To get full benefit, you should create a profile, but as with everything at CRUISING for SEX, it is free to register, search and respond. Go here to begin our free registration process:


Everything starts from our home page. The navigation tools you'll need can be found at the bottom of every page where a toolbar helps you move around. To return to 'home' look for the tab located in the upper left corner of pages or click 'home' from the toolbar.

Your Control Panel

Reached from a link in the toolbar, your 'Control Panel' is where you control so many elements of your profile and your overall experience on our website. This is where you control your profile, view private messages you've received or sent, monitor discussions you've selected, change your online pictures, and so much more.

Finally, some advice from your host: you will need a healthy attitude about your sexuality to fully enjoy our site. Leave your guilt at the door, please. Most of our visitors are gay or bisexual men, but a large number are straight (not bi) guys who recognize the satisfaction that can be had from sexual release with a guy from time to time.

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