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Looking to chat right now with people online? Enjoy our free chat service where you communicate using text, audio and video chat. Click here.

Message Board

Post your messages, respond to existing posts, and read the threads of discussion. Thousands of topics can be found in the hundred+ forums and there is no fee to post or view any posting. Click here for the Message Board. Should you need help navigating the Message Board, go here.


This section of the site, which we lovingly call the Communal Stall's, provides personals for those seeking potential sex partners around the world. There is no fee to post or view any posting and we've avoided all the bells and whistles to keep this simple. Click here.

Adopt a Sex Pig

When you truly want to 'pig out' with some other sex pigs, check Adopt a Sex Pig. Free to post an ad, free to view other ads, free to write to guys who post ads. Click here.


When cruising just isn't enough for you, check out the men who make available their companionship services. The hottest men for hire list themselves at By the way, if you're looking around for some paid companionship make certain you check the honest reviews at Cruising for Escorts before making a final decision. Click here.

Instant Sex

If you could find one location on the Internet where guys are online right now, looking to get some instant action, wouldn't that be great? Imagine if you could see their pictures, read their descriptions, and send them email without necessarily revealing yourself. Instant Sex is where cruisy men hang-out to hook up quickly, minus the BS. Some regions free, others charge a monthly fee. Click here.

Adopt A Sex Pig

Cruising for Escorts

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