Hot Summer!

August 3, 2018

New Developments! · Heads Up! · Hot As Fire! · Dirty Stories!

 Howdy Guys!

New Developments!

It's past time for another Newsletter from CFS. My volunteer Admin Assistant Joe has been on an extended road trip. I hope to see some new places and reviews from him in the Sex Listings soon. Meanwhile, I've been working through bugs and updating the site. Just this week I've moved the "menu bar" that used to have a tiny font-size from the bottom of the page to the top, making it more visible and – I hope – useful for all of us. Let me know what you think.

Also, the Sex Listings "Quick Search" based on your location will be back again soon. This is a big plus made possible by the new CFS web server.

Heads Up!

Meanwhile, I want to tell you about a few of the places that have been getting lots of attention in the Sex Listings recently. In particular, there's a lot of Heads Up alerts coming from El Paso lately. Take a look at the pages for the UTEP Liberal Arts Building, and even Eros Video, It does look like things have eased up at Ascarate Park, after the patrols last Spring.

Speaking of adult shops, there were even a bunch of arrests at Broward County's Pleasure Emporium, in late July. This follows other arrests last February. You may think of the Fort Lauderdale metro area as being a sort of M4M paradise, but it doesn't reach into every spot in every town. Always keep your eyes open and your wits about you, and look at our Heads Up page before you head out cruising.

 Hot As Fire!

In other news, you've probably heard a lot about the enormous Carr Fire near Redding, California, just one of many wildfires in the Western US, not to mention across the Northern Hemisphere this summer. Although it must be busy times near Redding, it looks like the men are also busy at the Rest Area, on I-5 south of Redding as you approach Red Bluff. There's a gloryhole here and some peepholes too, and we're getting reports of very friendly truckers. Even if you're not traveling that way, check it out, then check out a Rest Area near you.

 Dirty Stories!

The CFS Message Board, keeps getting more active since Craigslist shut down their Personals section. You may not know that CFS has been around, nationwide and worldwide, since 1995. That's a little bit before Craigslist spread around the world, fwiw.

Anyhow, one of the Message Board sections has "Dirty Stories: Instant Jackoff Material." Some are true, some may be false, but if you read them you better have your lube nearby and one hand free. Here's just an excerpt, edited for readability only, of "Memorable Afternoon" from July 25:

"The place was called Love Craft in Beltsville, MD. The place is closed now but I had one memorable Saturday afternoon. It was an idle start to the day and I was checking out some of the gay sites and CL, getting myself horned up.

I went in, got my tokens and there were maybe 10 guys there. I checked out a few booths and videos. As I was checking some of the guys, and they were checking me out also. This one black guy kept checking me out and even whispered something a few times when we passed each other. Seemed when I went into a booth with GH, someone else would get into the adjoining one.

After about 20 minutes of cruising around, I went to the back corner booth. I dropped my token and then I dropped my shorts to my knees. I heard someone lock the door on the other side, and quickly bent over to see who it was. It was the black guy that had been cruising me. He dropped his shorts and out came a delicious BBC about 8" and i couldn't wait to get busy..."

Go ahead, click through and read the rest. You know you want to!

So, do you have a story? Or you wanna hook up? Post it on the Message Board when you log in to CFS! And if you have a place where you want to meet, log in and post it on that place's page in the Sex Listings! It's waiting for you.

Bob S. ~ Your CFS Editor

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