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by Anonymous

Although I returned to Atlanta from Amsterdam several weeks ago, my heart races and my crotch lurches into overdrive at the memory of it. It is truly one of the gay sexual wonders of the world. If your plans in Amsterdam include sucking dick and group sex, you're in for a sweet treat.

First of all, everything you've heard about big Dutch cock is true. They grow them large and uncut in Amsterdam, and their free culture of sexual expression will provide you with ample opportunities to get a taste. Because the society is permissive in regards to homosexuality, you will find yourself among friends, and will feel comfortable strolling the streets with a lover or dressed in full leather gear. The gay bars make sure to accommodate the sex drives of their guests, you will find even more friends in backrooms -- and they will be happy to show off their assets.

"I especially enjoyed watching the hefty cocks in the dry sauna get hard ... and gang fuck a boy across the wooden bench of the sauna. All eight or ten men in the sauna gladly participated in the fantasy fuck, as if we all wanted to make the boy's dreams cum true."

For my weekend in Amsterdam I wanted to make the most of my time, and that meant finding hot men and having great sex with them. I nurtured my mind during the day at the museums and the Anne Frank House, but the nights belonged purely to my body. Here's my advice on the best places to get off.

I spent the bulk of my time in the Warmoesstraat area, where a bounty of leather bars keep the men happy until 4 am. If you like the smell of leather while on your knees, go no further than this neighborhood. All of the bars have 'dark rooms,' and they vary in size and degree of action.

The dark rooms are so much fun that you might never actually go home with someone. You can have group sex in the bar, rest with a beer and your new buddies, and then play some more!

My favorite was the Cuckoo's Nest, because the downstairs dark room is larger than the bar itself. In the cavernous space, men are on their knees everywhere, and I soon found myself doing the same, sucking on huge uncut dicks in the near darkness. In any other city, the size of one of these dicks would attract greedy cocksuckers like moths to a flame. In Amsterdam, a ten inch cock isn't unusual, and I happily sucked cocks that size without intrusion for most of my visit. Elsewhere in the space were raised mats for fucking, and there were plenty of leather men pumping butts or watching porno on a dimly lit video. If you like to bareback you'll probably be disappointed, since Dutch queers consistently play safe. Condoms are everywhere and if you put the moves on a nice ass, the man in question will almost certainly require you to use one.

The friendliest leather bar is definitely The Web, which features a pig motif and the clientele to match. The bartenders are friendly, the patrons are horny, and the upstairs dark room fulfills its sleazy potential. You will notice small pig figurines in the bar, and upstairs is a large pig statue. But you realize the bar means to take everything to the limit when, in a corner of the dark room, you stumble upon a real, six foot gutted pig carcass, hanging from the ceiling. The men around didn't let it stop them from doing what came naturally.

At The Web I met several hot men who were anxious to play privately, and gave them all my hotel and room number -- only to find all three at my door late that night, ready to fuck until the next morning.

The Argos has the busiest scene in the late evening and a downstairs dark room to help the patrons get acquainted. I found a pair of lovers there with matching nine inch cocks, and selfishly kept them to myself. We played in a private room with a sling, but at least we kept the door open so men could watch them show off the fact that their huge pricks weren't just meant for show.

Other leather type bars with active dark rooms include Club Jacques, a smaller neighborhood haunt, Dirty Dicks, the latest club that gives your cock one more chance to play, and the Eagle, a reliable name in leather bars.

There are other, more gentlemanly bars available, the nicest being dance clubs like April and Exit, but they don't encourage cocksucking on the premises and I left early to spend my time elsewhere.

No matter how long your stay, you must keep at least one afternoon open to enjoy the pleasures of Thermos Day, the daytime bathhouse. It has a partner bath, Thermos Night, but I was having too much fun in the bars to try it, and the daytime bath is spectacular and hard to beat.

At Thermos Day, you will find five entire floors devoted to naked men, hard and ready to play. The staff is friendly and not embarrassed to be employed there, like the sometimes rude employees at American bathhouses. Here, every floor is clean and the men take pride in themselves. For that matter, it is not a 'dirty' thing to go to the baths and the men have a healthy, horny attitude about it. There's a full bar downstairs and a restaurant that opens in mid-afternoon! Rather than your own room, you get a locker and then use 'cabin' spaces that are clean and feature firm mats and low lighting. I found plenty of men ready to play in their cabin and who didn't mind keeping the door cracked for additional guests, always my favorite.

The wet area is better than most gyms, with a wet and dry sauna, communal showers and even a darkened shower room to soap up and play in. I especially enjoyed watching the hefty cocks in the dry sauna get hard as we jacked off together and then broke down to suck cock and gang fuck a boy across the wooden bench of the sauna. All eight or ten men in the sauna gladly participated in the fantasy fuck, as if we all wanted to make the boy's dreams cum true.

You normally will find drugged, tweaked men at the sauna during the day, but this wasn't the case. Although pot is commonly available, Dutch gay men frown upon using harder drugs. No matter how late I played in the sleaziest bars, I was never approached to buy or share drugs. Even poppers are discouraged in the bathhouse, but I discreetly carried mine anyway.

If you want to dance, I had the most fun at The Cockring because the men were hot and the music throbbed harder than my sore cock. There is a small dark room but not worth the trip -- the men were, though. (If there is a club where the men play with party drugs, this is the bar.)

The gay and lesbian center in Amsterdam, called C.O.C., actually had a great dance floor on Saturday night, and the volunteers aren't there to spoil your good time. When they learned I was American, they pointed out all the hottest men that had a thing for Americans, and I hooked up with one of them in a dark room later. It's worth a look to see how sex-positive community relations can be done effectively, and was a popular spot for all types of men on the make.

If you like the porno theater scene, I wiled away part of an afternoon at Adonis cinema, and it was worth the trip. A huge theater for the main movie is actually popular, and the men aren't shy about jacking off in their seats or turning around in their seats to get a taste of your cock. They don't worry about security interrupting so they are free to play. There's a busy dark room and some booths and everyone seemed to leave with a smile on their faces.

In terms of the outdoor type of cruise scene, there really isn't much of that. You can always make contact with a man on the street and get a phone number, but there isn't a park where men jack off and suck dick, obviously due to the ease of cocksucking in the bars.

If you want gay accommodations, you'll find plenty of queer friendly hotels and gay B&B's, but I must recommend The Black Tulip because it is such a find: a leather-themed bed and breakfast with great amenities and a friendly staff. The leather theme is meant quite seriously -- you'll share the breakfast table with men in full leather gear eating their Mueslix -- but it is also extremely well designed and provides everything a leather man or horny out-of-towner would require. Where else can you find leather sheets, heated bathroom floors and a sling in every room? This is truly an inspired hotel, and I had the pleasure of seeing two other rooms after meating some hot men at breakfast and then comparing our leather clothes privately.

The bottom line is, you'll love Amsterdam. You'll get enough dick to satisfy even the thirstiest appetites and there is no end to the sexual opportunities.

One last thing to remember in Amsterdam. When you are on the floor of some dark room with your pants pulled down to your ankles, three cocks the size of bats hanging in your face, and cum dripping down your neck, do me a favor. Say hello to everyone on behalf of the sexy slut from Atlanta. They'll remember me.

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