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by Your Cruisemaster

I've been watching the numbers of postings at the Communal Stall Wall about private gloryholes increasing over the last year. The first time I noticed a posting was from a guy in a town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia (see his helpful 'how to' instructions, below). One guy in Seattle rented a storage space, built a gloryhole and put up a web page to advertise. He tells me he is extremely busy.

Earlier this month, celebrating my birthday, two friends asked what I wanted as a gift and I remarked, "I'd really like a gloryhole." Days later the two of them returned with plywood and a hole cutter bit. In under an hour they had installed my own private gloryhole right in my home. My life may never be the same.

"...the dick shows up and sticks through the glory. I stop whatever I'm doing and service the cock."


I've gone through phases where I would spend a bit of time each day sucking cock in a local bookstore or hanging out in my favorite park. I've gone through periods when I worked a tearoom regularly. But now I have entered a new phase: the dick shows up and sticks through the glory. I stop whatever I'm doing and service the cock. Any cruiser can see the advantages!


1. The biggest advantage is a legal one. If you are located in a state without sodomy laws what you are doing is entirely legal. You are on private property after all (your house or rental space), so you can't be accused of having 'public sex' and busted by the laws used regularly to harass cruisers (public lewdness, exposing yourself, etc.). I suppose some aggressive cop might try to bust someone for solicitation, but I seriously doubt this kind of charge would stick.

2. Convenience can't be beat. If you work at home the advantages are obvious. My gloryhole is located just steps away from where I'm typing this article. I tell guys that I'm available in the day by appointment (I have a regular every morning on his way to work). At night I'm available if an outside light is on at the entrance where the gloryhole is located. My light is one most nights.

3. You don't have to deal with the games cruisers play. We all know them -- maybe we have played them ourselves. You don't have to deal with fellow cruisers who fight over that one morsel of trade that walks into the bookstore arcade. No need to have to speculate if someone is available because they wouldn't be sticking their dick through your glory otherwise.

4. If you are a cocksucker who likes trade, this is perfect. Straight guys have always known the value of a gloryhole and how it assures anonymity. Of course you eliminate the chance encounter with that horny guy who stumbles upon you on the other side of the hole, but what you get in return is almost certain pleasure from someone who has gone out of their way to have you service his cock.


Of course there are some potential downsides to having a private gloryhole.

1. Absolutely at the top of this short list: a total stranger is coming into your home or private play space. There isn't someone around who you can rush to for protection if this guy turns out to be crazy.

2. Some spontaneity is sacrificed. Making appointments seems to be the common way guys arrange these encounters and someone just might show up looking for a blow and you'll not be in the mood.

3. Having your own private gloryhole is yet one more way we isolate ourselves from the bigger world. Of course that bigger world beats us up, charges us with a crime for having sex, and other bad things. But there is a great deal to be said about the stimulation from cruising a park or arcade. It is more than just the dick through the hole that gets your juices going.

When you weight the advantages/disadvantages, I happen to think any cocksucker would choose to install their own private gloryhole. Not every apartment or house will work. Security is a major concern and my plywood covers a doorway and is secured with latches that are not likely to be 'penetrated' by an intruder. Anyone who tried couldn't possibly get through before I had ample time to flee. Many apartments don't allow this type of security and I would not recommend doing this unless the setup of your place can be secured.


Once you have your hole, how do you spread the word? Word of mouth is essential. If you are good at what you do word will spread and men will come over. When I was on AOL, I got things started by posting dozens of messages to AOL users who fit a profile that sounded like they would appreciate my services. I'd also installed a separate phone line to be used solely for the hole and I'd begun leaving the number in some public toilets. I also have made a point of telling friends who work in some local bars about this and fully expect they will spread the word to horny guys who have had a few drinks and want to get off quickly.

In today's world, you can use Craiglist's M4M section and -- instead of '90s-style AOL -- take advantage of all the other online and mobile-connected means we now have to find each other. Mention your gloryhole when you chat up someone on GRINDR or SCRUFF. And of course, you can cheaply get an extra disposable cell phone number and pay-as-you-go for the times when your gloryhole is active.

You can also use free or very inexpensive online services such as Blogger, Blogspot, or to set up your own web page to publicize your hole. It's quick, cheap, and easy technology, and it let's you update the page immediately if you need to go on vacation, close the hole for awhile, or make other changes.

And of course, you can post a private glory hole listing here at CRUISING for SEX in our Sex Listings. Just browse your way to the page where you're located, then use the link to 'Submit New Tip, Update.' We ask that you do not include email addresses or phone numbers, but instead link to your CFS Member Profile and to your own web page if you have one.

If you have the proper place to do this don't hesitate. This is one hot way to get off regularly and conveniently. I've sucked some of the hottest cock in the last few days through my own private gloryhole.

Equipment needed: 1/4 inch plywood panel, hole cutter bit, drill, sandpaper, 1 can of flat black spray paint, and a hungry friend.


1. Measure the exact width of your door jamb.

2. Buy 1/4 inch plywood, cut the width, or have it cut exactly. Usual door jambs are 30 inches wide.

3. Buy a 2, 3, or 4 inch diameter circular hole cutter bit for your drill. Figure out the best place for the hole and let the hole cutter do the work. You can do this by putting your ass against the plywood and then positioning your own cock while standing (go for shorter, since tall guys can adjust easier than short guys can).

5. Once the hole is cut sand the hole carefully.

6. Spray paint the wood flat black.

Few things in life this easy to make will give so much enjoyment!

The hole should be sized obviously larger than your cock, but too small to get your balls through as well. This is to allow for the sensation of banging your nuts against the hole during a blowjob. This will stretch your cock to maximum size.

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