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From how to plan an orgy to how to install a private gloryhole, we've got you covered here at CRUISING for SEX! These are the kind of features you're not likely to find most anywhere else. If you have a feature story idea you'd like to see online here, drop a line at our Contact Page.

Orgies -- Planning and Hosting Your Own

by the Cruisemaster

Planning and hosting your orgy.

Rating the Customer

by Grumpybear

A bookstore insider explains the reason an ABS behaves as it does and how you can be a better customer.


by the Cruisemaster

A conversation with lawyers about safer cruising and what to do if you get caught by the cops.

Cruiser Primer

by the Cruisemaster

Make the case for public sex.

Build it and They Will Cum

by the Cruisemaster

How to build your own private gloryhole.

Cruising with Aaron

by Aaron Lawrence

From the memoir Suburban Hustler.

Amsterdam, the Sexual Wonder of the World

by Anonymous

A sex tour of Amsterdam.

Hollywood Hardcore Diaries

by Mickey Skee

All about Mickey Skee's dick.


by Anonymous

Stepping into another world in downtown Los Angeles.

Making the Big Decision to Escort

by Aaron Lawrence

Escorting, the good and bad of the business.

The Escort Quiz

by Aaron Lawrence

Take this quiz to see if you've got what it takes to escort.

Cruising 101

by the Cruisemaster

Skills for safer, successful cruising.

The Gloryhole FAQ

by Lilfuzzyg

If you've got questions about gloryhole sex, read this.

Blue Boy Club, Where Fantasies Do Come True

by Vidkid Timo

A tour of an Amsterdam male brothel.

Brazilian Saunas

by Anonymous

How to have a great time at Brazilian saunas.

Cruising for Sex on a Skateboard

by Skaterboy Chris

Getting in the pants of guys on skateboards.

Riding in the Back of the Cab: Guide to Trucker Sex

by Cab Lad

Seeing the UK from the cab of a lorry driver.

Wild, Wonderful West Virginia

by the Cruisemaster

Exploring the bookstores of West Virginia.

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