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by Your Cruisemaster

Below is a sample of rules and directions I provide my guests.

OK gentleman: Get ready for a hot time in P'town this weekend. Below are some very important details for the party. Be sure to read them. Better yet, print them and bring them along in case you can't remember. I expect probably 10 to 12 men to actually be here, though there are currently 18 names on the list, owing to some cancellations. Do not bring any uninvited guest. Even if you meet a porn star with a 15 inch dick, don't bring him along! If your plans change, please be courteous enough to let me know. You can always call at ________.

One more thing before we get to the good stuff. I've said it before and I'll repeat: if you have misrepresented yourself and you actually are not in-shape, please save us both a bad scene. I will not allow anyone into the party who doesn't fit in. You don't need to be Mr. Super Stud (very few of us are in real life), but you do need to have a nice, fit body.

TIME: The party is Saturday, January 17, 9PM. I will expect you to arrive no later than 9:30PM. If you are going to be later and haven't told me yet, please let me know. Otherwise, I will expect you to arrive between 9 and 9:30PM.

LOCATION: The location is _______ .

GETTING IN: Please don't be noisy when arriving. I don't want to disturb my neighbors who can be nosy. Walk around to the side of the house where you will see a light. Enter from the back door. I will be waiting to greet you. You'll get a paper back for removing your clothes. Then, you should make yourself at home. PLEASE REMEMBER: This isn't a cocktail party. This is an orgy. You came to fuck, suck, eat ass, whatever. Not to engage in small talk. If you want to talk with someone, please come back to the small entranceway where I greeted you (at the back door). Otherwise, the rest of the cottage is off limits for small talk. I'll be a tyrant about this. I've given orgies before and small talk can ruin the sexual energy.

WHAT TO BRING: Your body. All I'm asking you bring is Avanti condoms. I will have perhaps 4 condoms in the house so, obviously, it is important that guys bring Avanti condoms. It makes no sense to bring other types of condoms or other types of lube (I'm providing Crisco), because an ass that is lubed up with Crisco will cause regular condoms to break. You can also bring dirty movies, poppers, sex toys, and leather gear, but all I'm asking is that you bring Avanti condoms. You can also bring any CD's for mood music.

NOTE TO BOTTOMS: I'm looking to set up a particular scene and I need two volunteers who can arrive earlier than 9PM. I need two bottoms who have always fantasized about servicing every man at an orgy. You need to be sure your body can handle sucking this many cocks or getting fucked by several guys. I want to place two of you in a particular room. One of the bottoms will wear a leather blindfold. Your duty is to be fucked by anyone all night long. The other bottom is to wear a pair of leather restraints and your duty is to suck any cock, especially getting them hard for your mate to get fucked. Some variations on this fantasy can occur, so feel free to suggest.

NOTE TO TOPS: We will have two men (see above) who will located in a particular room. As soon as you arrive and have removed your clothes, you are to go to this room and these guys will service you. One will suck your cock and the other will be for getting fucked. Of course there will be other men at the party who you'll want to have suck your cock or fuck, but this will serve as our "ice breaker". This isn't an option. If you are a top, it is your duty to immediately go into this room and put these guys through their paces.

TYPES OF SEX: Pretty much anything goes. If there is anything you have wanted to do or enjoy doing and it needs some preliminary set-up, let me know. I'll try to help you create your scene if I can. If you are into pissing on someone, please do this in the shower. Drinking piss can be done anywhere. It is entirely up to you to set your own limits about safer sex.

SMOKING: Outside only, please. Not in the house, including the toilet.

ATTITUDE: While I can be a tyrant about small talk, there is no reason not to smile and even laugh when having hot sex. Dirty talk is great, and strongly encouraged. Remember guys: you will likely never see any of these men again, so allow yourself to fantasize and get into the scene. We come together to bring each other pleassure. Come with the right attitude and I guarantee it will be a night to remember.

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