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by Your Cruisemaster

They shout it from their license plates: 'Wild, Wonderful.' I can confirm that the sex scene in West Virginia is, well you guessed it, wild and wonderful. As a lover of bookstores, this state is a gold mine! If you like your men rough around the edges, blue-collar, or trucker don't even think twice. Those who prefer them young will also not be disappointed, though my experience would indicate more of the former and less of the latter. I only skimmed the surface of this state and I'm already plotting my return.


First stop was in the northern panhandle, that thin sliver (maybe 15 miles wide) between Pennsylvania and Ohio. I rolled into the parking lot of Fritz the Cat in Wheeling around 2 pm on a Monday afternoon. I figured the place would not be hopping and I was right. But it was a decent introduction for all the stores. They all had nice people behind the counter, none seeming to care much about what I might be doing. All the stores I visited were clean, some more modern than others, but all well-maintained. Finally, every store included at least one or two booths that were reserved for women who were available for a fee. In other words, the bookstores of West Virginia act as tiny 'brothels' so to speak, perhaps not the best news for cocksuckers who like to take advantage of the lack of women when the straight guys get horny.

Fritz the Cat is located right on the edge of an enormous parking lot full of big rigs (another common feature of most of the stores I visited). Of all the stores, this was closer to 'run-down'. Still, the films worked and there are gloryholes. I did note one cocksucker on the other side of one of the holes, but we were competing for the same thing and there was none of what we wanted around so I left after 20 minutes.


My destination this Monday was Parkersburg, a town of about 60,000, that runs along the Ohio River. There were 3 bookstores in this vicinity and I figured my odds were good to find some action. That evening around 6:30 I headed over to the Pioneer Bookstore to confirm if one tip I received, proclaiming this town "a cocksuckers heaven" was true.

Pioneer was actually rather large, composed of two rooms of merchandise, a large public area in the rear with chairs, slot machines, and vending. Many of the guys were hanging out here and no one up front seemed to be rushing them to 'drop tokens.' The two rooms of video booths are off of this larger room so everyone could see you going back and forth. Most of the booths had gloryholes. The place was fairly busy with about 6 guys. I caught the eye of a young guy -- looked to be about 23 or 24 -- with his dirty overalls and mud-covered boots. We went into adjoining booths and used the gloryhole. He had a big one, but the thickness of the walls made any real cocksucking impossible. It was clear from his body signals that getting any closer was out of the question so we both settled back and jacked off. Next came a guy in full hunters garb (I believe it was deer season). He wanted to suck me off, but that wasn't happening as I had already shot my load. Now, mind you, I've only been in this bookstore 20 minutes at most and already been with two guys!

Next day I returned to the Pioneer a bit earlier, around 4 pm. The place was even busier with perhaps double the number of men. The booths with the holes were all occupied and so I left. Driving by the competition, the A to Z Adult Bookstore in downtown Parkersburg, I failed to stop when I saw only one car parked out front.

Mineral Wells

After dinner that evening I headed to the Lion's Den Bookstore (actually it is in Mineral Wells, a more modern 'suburb' of Parkersburg). Just like Fritz, this was a store stuck in a remote corner of a big rig parking lot. Only the lot was triple the size and the store was really, really big. Modern, clean, and huge, this store puts to shame much of what passes for adult bookstore material in many cities. Big -- and empty. It was about 9 pm and I could locate no one in the vast arcade. I did explore a few of the booths and noticed gloryholes and during my exploration, a furry, hunky young guy from up front came into the back and made eye contact. We did the gloryhole thing and then he indicated a desire to get closer so we shared a booth.

The one thing I hated about this store: the booths are wired so that if you aren't dropping money a buzzer starts going off after about 20 seconds. So, while you are in the booth, and the video stops running, and you are bent over taking it up the ass, you have seconds to fumble around and find more money to drop or risk whatever might happen. Maybe the walls around the booth ascend and a spotlight highlights the offending couple. Needless to say, we kept the quarters flowing so this new gadget works just fine, doesn't it?


West Virginia is a real odd place in many ways. Historically it has an odd lineage, having successfully left the clutches of Virginia over the Civil War. Ask the locals if they are Midwesterners, Southerners, or something else, and most can't seem to really be that specific. The older people say 'hillbilly', but the younger folks don't include that in their personal heritage. They sound Southern, but they are a short drive from Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. I suspect this odd set of circumstances had much to do with why whores and gloryholes are just off the Interstate all over this lovely little state.

Surrounded on all sides by hostile jurisdictions -- hostile to adult bookstores, that is -- there sits West Virginia. It is worth a visit if you like sucking cock in video arcades. Throw in the attractive setting, friendly people, and the relatively rural population of men and I say, "Go!"

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