Privacy Policy

CRUISING for SEX is committed to honoring the privacy of site visitors. We do collect information about visitors through the following methods. We offer visitors the option to register for updates, a process that requires completing a form. When registering for updates, you must supply an e-mail address but at no time is your full name or street address required. Your e-mail address is never rented, sold, or made available to any third party.

Persons who wish to fully access the 'Dick' section of CRUISING for SEX are required to provide some information in order to become a member including credit card data and billing information. Persons may sign up using a 900 phone number, in which case your telephone number is recorded.

Finally, persons using the CRUISING for SEX Message Board, Cruiser Gallery or Communal Stall are required to register in order to post a message, upload pictures and video clips or reply to postings. At no time are you expected to provide your real name or street address, though an accurate, working e-mail address is required. We will use cookies to remember your user name and password and to assist you in moving around these sections of CRUISING for SEX.