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(posted December 10, 2005)

The Big New Job

by L. Michael Smith

“I think you’ve met everyone but Frank,” Mr. Cameron, or Cam as he liked to be called, said as he stood from his chair.

“Wait here. I’ll go get him.”

The owner of the company, Cam, left me alone in his office. I was nervous. I hoped my erection had not been visible through my khakis. Jeeze, it felt like I was back in school, unable to control a hard-on, then to be summoned up to the board. I always had the jitters during job interviews, but I was especially on edge this time as this would be my first job since I graduated college last month. I really wanted it. Cam was hot and I wanted him too.

Mr. Cameron, Cam, was 45, at least 6’3, a good 4-5” taller than me. He was tanned, with buzzed grey hair. He had broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and a butt that looked as round and firm as two cannon balls. I wanted to lick that ass all over. If this interview were to include rimming or sucking dick, I’d nail this job for sure. But Cam had made it clear that he was twice divorced with two kids.

From the photos on the desk, his daughter looked about five, missing a few baby teeth. His son looked about sixteen and already had the beginnings of his father’s terrific build. Just imagine, I thought, Cam and his son. No, shit! Don’t imagine Cam and his son! I returned the picture frames to their home on Cam’s large, mahogany desk just as the door behind me creaked open. Cam was back with Frank. I leapt to my feet, quickly smoothed the front of my bulging trousers and turned around.

“Mike,” Cam announced “Meet Frank Zienga, our Production Manager.”

My cock twitched again. Frank was a little guy, 5’6” if he was lucky, with a solid, stocky build. He looked about 40, ethnic, Italian maybe, with thick, shiny hair and olive tanned skin. His forearms were covered in fur. His dark jeans were quite baggy, but there was no hiding that big, huge bulge below his belt. This little guy was either hiding a pepperoni or he was hung like a horse. This interview was turning into a fantasy gone horribly strange.

“Uh, um, hi Frank,” I finally muttered as I gripped Frank’s hand.

Shit, I thought, between Cam’s hot, sexy ass and Frank’s swollen crotch, how the hell was I going to focus on the rest of this interview? I had applied for the head designer position in Cam’s furniture-making business. This was my second interview. I was getting closer to getting it, but now I wasn’t sure what I wanted “it” to be. All I could think about was getting naked for a gang bang with…

“Have a seat, boys. I’ll fix us a drink,” Cam interrupted as he walked over to the bar fridge in the far corner.

I watched him stride across the room. His butt-cheeks snapped like elastic bands. I felt a familiar stir in my Jockey boxer briefs.

“You like that?”

My head snapped in Frank’s direction. I had ruined everything. I had been caught.


Cam’s baritone voice commanded my attention.

“Your drink!”

I took the glass from his hand and tried to compose myself as he sat back down in the black leather wing chair behind his desk.

“Mike! Now I know you creative-types often get carried away with designs, so Frank’s the money guy. He’ll keep you in check, so to speak, make sure your ideas are cost effective. Of course, that’s if we decide you’re the right man for the job!”

He laughed. Frank laughed. I tried to laugh too.

After we had finished our drinks, Cam suggested that Frank show me some of the reports I’d have to submit for design approval. Cost sheets, materials list, everything would go through Frank’s hands first; that was Cam’s demand, the way he liked things to be done. Frank was, in Cam’s own words, his “head man.”

From Cam’s office, Frank and I walked to the stairs which led down to the workroom. On the way, we talked about Frank’s recent vacation to the Mediterranean. I wondered if he had tan lines and tried to picture his big, fat cock squeezed into a pair of Speedos. Luckily, Frank walked slightly ahead of me, so he couldn’t see that my cock was now fully erect and leaning to the left in my pants. I couldn’t help touching it with my fingers buried deep inside my pocket.

“So what do you think of Cam?” Frank asked as he closed his office door behind him.

“Oh, he seems nice,” I said.

I knew that what Frank thought of me, how we got along, was the last part of my interview. He was Cam’s head—or was that right-hand?—man, so if I could win him over, the job was mine. I had to be cool.

“He seems so friendly and really down-to-earth, you know?”

“Yeah, I know,” Frank agreed as he sat down in the swivel chair behind his desk. “And it doesn’t hurt that you think he’s fucking gorgeous!”

I was stunned and it showed.

“Don’t worry, man! I won’t tell anyone.”

I couldn’t speak.

“Come on, I saw you checkin’ out his butt. And why not? He’s got a great set of cheeks. Why not look? If that’s what you’re into of course.”

“I, uh, um…”

“What? You think I don’t get hard looking at him too?”


Frank laughed.

“You know, Mike, for a 24-year-old boy, you seem pretty uptight.”

Frank leaned across his desk and smiled.

“Relax. It’s alright, really it is.”

I stared at Frank with some hesitation as I tried to gather my thoughts and get them into my mouth.

“Um…I…It’s just…Look, I really want this job. I just moved to Toronto two weeks ago and I….”


He leaned back, placed his hands behind his head.

“So here you are, new to the city, haven’t been laid in a while and you’re really horny for some action. Is that it?”

It had been almost a month since I’d been with another guy and I hadn’t jerked off for a couple of days, either.

“That’s not what… I mean, if I get this job, I can’t keep poppin’ boners every time Cam’s in the room.”

Frank flashed a wry, cocky smile.

“What you need is a distraction, something to take your mind off him.”

He got up and started walking towards a side door. He turned and motioned me to follow. I nervously joined him as we entered a tiny, dimly lit washroom. There was barely enough room for the two of us, so Frank straddled the toilet to make more space.

“Lock it!” he commanded.

Too anxious to speak, I did what I was told. The strain in my Jockey’s was back. I really needed this job and didn’t want to screw things up now. What the fuck was I doing?

“Take your dick out,” he instructed.

I unzipped my khakis and pushed my briefs down to my knees. My six-and-a-half inch prick quivered in front of me. I lifted my shirt-tales so Frank could get a clear view of my flat, rippled abs, trimmed pubes and low-slung, shaved balls. I hoped he liked what he saw.

“Wanna see mine?” Frank cooed.

I nodded. My eyes widened as I watched him undo his fly and flop out a wrinkled, fleshy serpent that avalanched towards the floor. It was significantly wider at the base than the tip, hung as straight as a ruler and was getting bigger by the second. It must have been at least nine to ten inches, still half limp.

“That’s fuckin’ huge,” I gasped.

“Wanna suck it?” Frank asked in a low, raspy voice.

I fell to my knees. I took a deep breath and inhaled a few inches. It was as if I had been on a hunger strike and this dick was my first meal. Frank’s prick responded instantly to my wet tongue. It started to reach its full, super-human size. I took another breath and swallowed more dick. Frank let out a heavy sigh. Another few inches and he moaned.

“Yeah, Mike. Suck it boy!”

I needed air but I was determined to taste every juicy inch. I reached down and grabbed my own dick. It was already sticky with pre-cum and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I shot my load. I stroked myself while I worked Frank’s massive piece of meat.

“You like that Mike?” Frank said as he patted the top of my head.

“Yeah,” I said breathlessly.

“I bet you’re sweet ass would like it, too.”

I looked up at Frank with both intense desire and fear in my eyes. I’d only been fucked a couple of times before and never by anything which resembled a baseball bat. I was worried I’d be ripped wide open.

He lifted me from the washroom floor and spun me around. He whistled.

“Wow! Look at that sweet, fuckin’ ass.”

I felt Frank’s rough hands run across the smooth, tanned skin of my rear. His fingers started to tease my tight, pink butt-hole. I closed my eyes to pray as I bent over a little and let him spread my cheeks. The sudden feel of his tongue on my hole sent shock waves through my body. I moaned and leaned over as far as I could. My head rested against the wall. Frank’s stubby index finger pushed inside me. Instinctively, as if overcome by the thought of what would follow, my sphincter tightened.

“Relax, Mikey boy” Frank whispered.

He hocked a wad of spit on my hole and worked it in with his fingers. Slowly Frank started to fill my ass, first with one finger then two. I grabbed my rock hard cock. Streams of pre-cum hung from my piss-slit. I was ready to erupt at any moment. With his fingers still fully inside me, he reached up to open a small medicine cabinet above the sink on the adjacent wall. I saw him pull out a condom and half-full bottle of lube.

“You ready for my cock?” Frank asked as he pulled out his fingers. “I wanna see if your hot, little butt is as good as your mouth. I wanna see how much you really want this job.”

I let go of my dick. If I had cum, there was no way I could get fucked afterwards.

I wanted to get fucked but I was also afraid about having that huge club inside me. I was so fucking scared.

“Jesus Christ!” I spat as he started to push inside. “It fuckin’ hurts man.”

“Shhh, quiet boy, or you’ll get Cam coming in here too,” Frank laughed.

“It hurts man…pull it out… I need more lube.”

“Just relax, boy, you’re doin’ fine.”

I took a few heavy breaths and further arched my back. My ass burned like it was on fire. Frank lubed up my hole some more. I could feel the spongy walls of my crevice starting to open up and relax. I exhaled loudly and dropped my head. His fingers felt good. I could take them comfortably. But then he tried to slide his cock up past my inner sphincter, which instantly clamped hard around its formidable intruder. How was I going to get through this interview, I thought? Frank paused to give me just enough time to adjust to his python-sized dick before pushing it in further. I still couldn’t feel Frank’s body against me. His dick seemed endless. And he just kept pushing.

I bit my lower lip and pushed down hard as Frank’s cock burrowed its way through my sacred canal. We grunted and sighed in unison as the thick base of his man-hood stretched my hole to its limit. Finally, the soft, wispy hairs on his body tickled the tender skin of my rear. Frank’s cock, the full twelve inches, was buried deep inside me. I had done it. This interview was almost over.

“Wow! Your ass is so fucking amazing, Mike.”

I was too shocked and too pained to say anything.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go slow.”

“No,” I panted. “Fuck me hard. I want you to fuck me hard.”

Now that I had him in me, I wasn’t willing to lose out on this job just because some other loose arse dude had got the better of me. I could take it. I had to take it.

Frank didn’t need to be told twice. He grabbed my hips and repeatedly forced me onto his foot-long shaft. With each thrust, my cries of pain quickly turned to shrieks of all-encompassed ecstasy. The volcanic pressure which had steadily built up in my cock all day erupted without assistance. I watched as rockets of hot, gooey cum splattered on to the wall and tiled floor. Frank continued until he had fucked every last drop of jizz out of me. Then, he came himself and sprayed jets of spunk like a sprinkler. It landed everywhere.

“Fuck!” I complained as we cleaned up. “How am I going to face Cam with cum stains all over my shirt?”

“Don’t worry about him,” Frank assured me as he wrestled his spent piece of meat back inside his briefs. “You got the job.”


He stared at me with that familiar wry, cocky smile.

“Well, technically you’re still under consideration. You’ll be having a very private meeting with Cam later for the final part of your interview.”

He rubbed his hands across my butt, squeezing the flesh through my trousers.

“But I can assure you buddy, he will find that you are more than qualified!”

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