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(posted February 9, 2006)

Unleashing a Demon

by Richard Allcock

Football season was finally over. We’d been to Europe for our end-of-year footy trip and still had a week left. On returning to Melbourne, Brad and I had decided to spend a few more days together. His parents had a holiday house down at Torquay and I heard there was a nudist beach hidden amongst the coastline. Brad had never been to one. I said we should check it out.

'Come on, let's' go,' Brad said, jumping out of the car before I’d even parked.

'I'm not sure I want to now.'


'It's just not my thing,' I lied.

I was nervous, nervous and excited at the prospect of spending time being naked with Brad. I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it, how to act in front of him once we’d stripped off. I was nervous about how he’d react to me if I came on to him.

'Don't be a dickhead, come on,' Brad said.

I locked the car.

We strolled along the water's edge; our sunglasses still on so we could have a perv. There weren't many people out, a few old women with droopy tits and a couple of old guys with saggy testicles. They nodded hello. We acknowledged them and kept on walking.

We found a semi-secluded spot out of view of the oldies. Brad stripped right off, his fantastic body rippling with muscles. He stood and stretched. His cock, like a thick cobra. It flopped from side to side as the sun kissed his naked flesh.

Me, I stripped off too, but more slowly. I was embarrassed as I’d cracked half a fat. Seeing Brad naked always did that to me. The guy was fucking gorgeous. We'd known each other for years, having gone to the same schools, but since we’d joined the football team, we'd gotten close, real close. Now we were too close. Naked and close.

I knew I was gay, but Brad, well I didn’t think he knew what he wanted. Whenever the team went out to the pub, it was usually Brad and I who sat back and watched, commenting on all the others, neither of us ever attempting to pick up girls. I was happy to wait for him to realise what he was missing, and I was hoping it would be soon that he’d realise he was missing me.

'Feels good doesn't it?' he said, lying back against the sand, his elbows digging in, his thighs open to the sun as his cock lay thick on the inside of his thigh.

'Yeah, it's great. Glad you made me come,' I laughed, more comfortable now that he seemed so relaxed.

It felt fucking fantastic. The sun bore down on me, over my balls and cock, heating me up, making me hotter and hotter as I snuck longing looks at Brad from behind my sunglasses. I was more comfortable now that I could see his cock. He was clearly enjoying himself. I licked my lips as I gazed down at his cock. It had grown and I wondered how it would taste to lick his knob, to suck his shaft deep into my throat.

'Check out this guy,' Brad whispered, as a young Italian stud strode passed.

The guy was dark all over, with a thick black patch of pubic hair covering most of his abdomen and lower regions. His cock hung like a stallion's over his huge balls. It preceded him as he walked.

'Show off,' I laughed.

'Did you see the size of it?'

Brad was clearly impressed.

'Hmm,' I muttered, eyeing the guy's arse as he walked off. 'His isn't much bigger than ours.'

'You've got to be kidding,' he said, leaning over to look down at mine.

He stopped and stared.

'Hey, I never realised how big you were man!'

I tried to cover up but Brad slapped my hand away.

'Don't be embarrassed man,' he said. 'Shit, if mine was that big, I'd be letting everyone see.'

I jumped up and ran down to the water’s edge. I could barely contain my excitement. My cock was throbbing. Icy cold water splashed against it immediately causing it to shrink down to a more acceptable size. Looking over my shoulder, I saw Brad not far behind me. I dived into a wave and began to swim, enjoying the feel of the water as it glided against me, against my naked flesh.

Brad caught up and we swam for a while before body surfing back in. The last wave knocked me off balance and then, as I tried to stand, the receding wave had me toppling over. Laughing, Brad kicked water at me and ran back to our towels. He flopped on top of his, while I trudged up behind him. The old couples were in the process of packing up. The rest of the beach was now empty from what I could see.

‘That felt great,’ Brad said, watching me as I approached.

‘Didn’t it though,’ I said, noting how Brad’s eyes were roaming over my torso before settling on my cock.

‘I seriously never realized what a big cock you’ve got there,’ he said.

I flopped on my towel; droplets of water covered my skin. His eyes were still on me, boring into my cock like a red hot rod, igniting a fire in me that needed to flare, grow and rage out of control.

'What are you talking about? We're about the same size,' I insisted.

He looked from his to mine and the more he looked the more I grew.

'Bullshit,' he said, his fingers stretching out to measure himself before coming back to me.

'I just want to compare,' he said, eyeing me to gauge my reaction as he carefully put his hand down near me.

Brad's eyes widened as he studied me. His fingers were nearly touching me, so I concentrated as much as possible to make it lift and throb, willing it to grow before his very eyes. I said nothing. I just lay there with my hands behind my head, my cock pulsating visibly as Brad continued to stare. His fingers edged closer. He grazed the side of my knob but said nothing.

Brad leaned back on his towel and looked out to sea. I knew there was no one about. The Italian had disappeared. The area we were in hid us from prying eyes. The old couples were beginning to move off, so soon it was going to be just him and me. Brad picked up suntan lotion and began to apply it over his torso before lavishing his groin, thighs and legs. His body shone, slick with oil. It took all my willpower not to touch him, to not make a move on him. And all the while my cock continued to grow.

‘Want me to put some lotion on you?’ he asked.

‘Sure,’ I said.

I watched him lick his lips as his palms spread the lotion over my torso. As he neared my belly button, he squeezed some more on my skin and then quickly rubbed it in, going further and further towards my cock. His fingers slipped through my pubic hair. I held my breath as his fingers dipped down into my groin, over my balls before coming up the base of my shaft. Then, his hand lightly ran up my cock, his fingers slipping up and down before gliding over my knob as sticky pre-cum touched his fingers. Still I said nothing, content to let things take their own course. Without looking at me, his fingers trailed over the knob, around the underside of skin, slowly down the shaft and then back up again, only barely touching me.

‘Man, you’ve got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen,’ he said.

I breathed a sigh of relief and my cock responded by becoming more rigid, pleased with all this attention. Finally, I was getting what I'd been wanting for such a long time. Finally Brad.

'Hold it!' I whispered.


‘Grab hold of it,’ I said, in a firm voice.

He looked at me, then down at my cock and then back to me. I nodded.

‘Go on, do it, please.’

Cautiously, his hand closed around the shaft. It was like lightning soaring through me. My cock throbbed painfully under his grip. I wanted him to pull at it, to jerk me off, to suck me into his mouth.

'That feels good,' he said.

'Hmm, real good,' I whispered back encouragingly.

‘I’ve … I’ve never done this before,’ he said, avoiding eye contact.

‘That’s okay,’ I chuckled. ‘I have.’

He relaxed and began to stroke it, gently at first and then more firmly. I closed my eyes as his grip tightened and he slowly pumped up and down before his rhythm became bolder, more daring. I was forced to ask him to slow down.

'Take it easy,' I whispered. 'Nice and gentle, like this.'

I reached for him.

I grabbed at his shaft, pumping up and down, enjoying listening to him moan as he fell back onto the towel. His cock thickened again, the skin stretching tight against his knobby veins. My hand moved further downwards to cup his balls. They were tight and hot. I leaned forward and covered his knob with my mouth. He pulled back a fraction and then relaxed. Brad liked it. I ran my tongue over the top, slathering it with saliva. His hand came down on my head, pushing me further down on him until I swallowed his shaft.

‘Oh God,’ he whispered.

Fuck, he was rock hard. I sucked him deep inside my mouth, loving the feel of him, loving the feel of his cock as the blood gushed and coursed through him. His moaning became louder, more ardent, his knob swelling. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came.

‘Bring … bring your cock up here,’ he said, slapping my back.

I maneuvered around without taking my mouth off him, until I straddled his head. His fist closed around me. He began to lick my knob, cautiously at first, but before long, he was slathering me with his saliva. Then he sucked me deep into his throat, the two of us not caring at this stage if anyone stumbled upon us. It took only minutes for us to come. I sucked hungrily, gobbling down his spunk as he devoured mine.

I collapsed on him, sand sticking to my sweaty skin. The combination of the sun and the aftermath of what had just happened had my head spinning.

‘Fuck,’ he said.

‘Fuck,’ I muttered.

We lay there like that for a while, each of us with our own thoughts. Then we ran to the water again, wrestling with each other as the waves knocked us about. Swimming further out, we treaded water as we kissed passionately, our tongues seeking out each other’s, desperate to explore the recesses.

Later, as the sun began to set, we lay on our towels and Brad’s fingers ran along my flesh. I opened my legs, making it easier for him. His finger wiggled around my hairy crack before coming to rest on my puckered hole. This was going better than I thought. This was closer to Brad than I had ever imagined possible. His mouth descended over my cock, the warmth from his mouth heating me up much more than the sun could ever have.

'Hmm,' he mumbled, swallowing me up further as his finger probed me.

I looked down as my cock disappeared into his mouth, the knob hitting the back of his throat and stroked his hair.

‘Fuck, you are big,' he mumbled.

Running my fingers through his hair, I held onto his head and pushed my cock in deeper. He gagged for a second, pulling back a bit and then he continued to suck. I could feel my passion rising and yanked him back by the hair.

‘I want to fuck you,’ he said.

‘Good,’ I laughed.

‘Roll over on your side,’ he demanded.

I rolled. His tongue rimmed my hole, flickering about crazily as he slathered it with saliva. I could sense his urgency, his need. Before long, his knob was gently probing me, trying desperately to inch its way in. I relaxed and after a moment’s hesitation, he slipped in.

At first he pushed in slowly, easing in and out, wanting not to hurt me, but I pushed back, egging him on, desperate for a good fucking. He started to thrust into me, pounding my arse as though he’d been doing it for years.

‘Up on all fours,’ he ordered.

This was a new Brad now, a Brad out of control. He knelt in behind me, pulled my arse cheeks apart and dove right in. His fingers gripped my flesh as he slammed into me. Then he was slapping at my thighs, riding me hard before exploding inside me. I fell to the ground as he pulled away. But I was hungry for him.

He was on his back, breathing hard, his cock flaccid now, lying on his thigh. I flew down to his cock. Sucked him deep into the back of my throat building up my saliva so he could slide in and out rhythmically. His limp and exhausted cock began to swell in my mouth.

‘Suck my dick man,' he ordered.

I did for a while, but what I really wanted to do was fuck his arse too. Leaving his cock, I made my way down to the base of his shaft while my fingers played with his balls. Sucking his hairy balls into my mouth, my fingers continued further towards the crack of his arse where I found his puckered hole. I tickled the skin there and felt his hand on my head pushing me further down towards his hole. I didn't need any more encouragement. Brad was ready. He wanted it.

Lying between his open thighs, I lifted a leg and threw it over so he lay more on his side. Opening up his arse cheeks, I licked his crack lovingly, up and down before resting on his hole. With my tongue trying to find its way in, I gave him a good rimming, lubing him up for what soon would be his first time I hoped. His first gay fuck. I manoeuvred my way behind him so I was spooning him, my cock probing his arse.

Hey man,’ he said nervously. ‘I don’t think that fucker’s going to fit. It’s too fucking big.’

‘Oh, it will fit all right,’ I said.

‘Be gentle with me then.’

My cock slid between his legs nudging up against his balls while my hand slid over his hip and down into his groin. His cock was rock hard now. I held onto it, pumping it while my cock continued to rub up against him. His hand came down to cover mine and I left him to wank himself while I grabbed my own cock and with my other hand pried open his arse cheeks.

‘Come on,’ I whispered. ‘Let me in Brad.’

I continued to nudge his opening. He pushed back into me, grinding his arse into my groin.

'Easy, easy' he said, while I was trying to inch it in.

'Oh God, you're so fucking tight.'

Maybe too tight. I didn’t want his first time to be too painful. I needed him to relax, let go of his muscles and perhaps his apprehension. I pushed gently, probing further as I pulled his cheeks apart and the knob began to slip in.

‘Oh fuck,’ he moaned and I felt him tense.

‘Relax,’ I said.

'It’s too big, man. It’s too fucking big.’

'Just relax.'

With my knob barely in, my hand snaked under and weighed his balls, squeezing them gently as he played with his cock.

‘I don’t want to hurt you,’ I said.

My heart was pounding. Grabbing hold of his hips, I manoeuvred him around until he was up on all fours. With him in this position, I was able to grab hold of his hips and guide my cock gently inside. Slowly I built up the pressure, inching in. I could feel some resistance and pulled back. But Brad flung his head up.

'Keep going,' he ordered.

I pushed in further, slowly and carefully. I slapped at his thigh, hard.

‘Oh shit,’ he moaned. ‘I think it’s too fucking big.’

Inching it in further, he cried out with pain. I pulled back a bit, eased back in, just getting him used to the size, just wanting him to relax and not tense up. I wanted, needed his arse. Brad’s arse. I slapped his thigh again, then his cheek. He liked it. Liked a bit of a spanking, so I slapped his cheeks, taking his mind off my cock. I felt him let go, relax further so I could slip in further. He was tight, real tight. But I eased in and out gently, giving him the occasional slap as he moaned with pleasure.

‘Oh, yeah. That’s great,’ he said.

I sensed he was just trying to say the right thing. I knew this was hurting him. But I tried to pick up the tempo. He screamed with pain as I inched in further. His hole needed stretching if I was ever going to fit my full cock inside him. Sweat was pouring off me and I watched it drip onto his back. My knees hurt, the pressure from the sand digging in. I pulled my cock out and shook it against his hole. Giving it a good pull, I wanked off with the tip of my cock pushing back against his hole.

'Oh God, I'm coming,' he cried out, his body slick with sweat.

'Me too,' I said, giving my cock one last pull so I could spray a load all over his back.

I collapsed on top of him and we stayed like that for a few moments each of us trying to catch our breath, before falling onto the sand.

‘You okay?’ I said.

'God, Jesus yeah, that was great,' he said.

It was dusk. The sun setting on the sea left a pink hue on the horizon. I smiled to myself, pleased with how the day had gone; pleased I’d been right about Brad. I was sated and exhausted.

'But I'm still feeling horny,' he said.

His fingers tweaked a nipple, pulling at it hard before he sucked it into his mouth to tug at it with his teeth.

‘Hey,’ I complained.

'You'd better roll over and get up on all fours,' he said.

'You serious?' I asked.

'You'd better believe it,' he chuckled. ‘You hurt me, I hurt you.’

I'd unleashed a demon, an insatiable demon. And it's been fun trying to tame him ever since.

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