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(posted January 5, 2006)

Wanted: Hot, Hung, and Horny

by Daniel Miller

GWM seeks hot, hung dude who knows the score

Yeah, that was the first line of my personal ad. Maybe it wasn’t very poetic, but it got right to the point. I was so sick of the bar scene and guys playing the wrong kind of head games that it seemed as likely to work as anything else. I wasn’t looking for a committed relationship or even those proverbial long walks on the beach. I was really just seeking a big, fat cock to have some fun with. As long as it was attached to someone who knew what to do with it, the rest was of secondary concern.

The first guy who answered—in a brief note on lined paper—didn’t give me his name, but he gave me enough details to wet my appetite (among other things). He wrote that he was in college (which explained the notebook paper, I guess), with clean-cut, all-American looks, plenty of cock-pleasing experience…and he claimed he was hung like a prize stallion. He suggested we meet at the pinball arcade in a nearby mall that Saturday at noon.

Though my ad had asked for a photo, he didn’t enclose one, but I was sufficiently intrigued to overlook that small technicality. It also gave me an excuse not to send him one, so if he turned out to be some 45-year-old geek with a pocket protector and an overactive imagination, I could slip away anonymously before he spotted me.

That Saturday, I showed up at the mall early. Since I was the only thirty-ish guy there and didn’t want to attract attention to myself, I pumped a few quarters into one of the machines and fiddled around with it while I watched the entrance. About a minute before our appointed time, a tall guy with shaggy blond hair sauntered in and glanced around like he was looking for someone. Though his lanky body, tight jeans, and tank top made my cock lurch in my shorts, I figured there was no way this guy was the one I was waiting for. He looked more high school senior than college freshman, and he sure as hell didn’t look like the experienced snake-handler my guy claimed to be.

I was, therefore, taken totally by surprise when he cruised on right up to me and stuck his thumbs in his pockets. He looked me up and down like he was sizing me up, which I quickly realized he was.

“Glen?” he asked. “I’m Davey. We were going to meet here at noon.”

“No way,” I said, staring into a face that didn’t even look old enough to buy lottery tickets never mind suck cock. “You’re no college kid.”

“Give me a break. I go through this every time.”

He scowled, reached into his pocket, and flashed me his college ID. Sure enough, he was a sophomore at the local university. That would make him about nineteen. But his chronological age wasn’t my only concern.

“Okay, so you’re right about that. But listen, kid, I’m not looking to show anyone the ropes, if you know what I mean. I wanted to get right down to business.”

He laughed.

“Okay, if that’s the way you want it. Generally I prefer a little foreplay, but I like your looks enough to make an exception. Follow me.”

I was too surprised to do anything but follow him out of the mall to the parking lot. In a moderately secluded spot sat one of those dingy vans that carefree guys his age like to camp out in. He motioned me into the back where he had a makeshift apartment set up. The bed was just a mattress and box spring pushed into one corner. Beside it sat one of those plastic milk crates turned on its side to double as a night-stand. Stuffed inside it were a couple of all-male porn mags, three bottles of flavored lube, and a few open boxes of condoms.

“I’ve had more cock in that bed than you’ve probably had in your whole life,” he said proudly.

His hands dropped to the front of his jeans and wrestled open his button fly.

“So it’s up to you—take it or leave it.”

While he spoke, he pulled open the front of his pants. He wasn’t wearing underwear, so his cock and balls just spilled out into the open. In a flash, my superior attitude vanished, replaced with open-mouthed awe. The kid had a baby face and a teenaged body, but his family jewels were definitely all man. He had to be eleven inches long, with balls the size of sun-ripened grapefruits, and he wasn’t even fully hard yet. The head of his cock bulged like a juicy plum, with a deep piss slit darkening its exact center.

“Go ahead,” he said, obviously amused by my stunned expression. “Touch it.”

Naturally, I did. He gasped with pleasure when my fingers made contact with his hot flesh, just skimming the surface of his cockhead and then dipping lower to stroke the shaft. His cock just seemed to go on forever, especially when he got fully hard. His cockskin stretched tight as the plump veins and muscles swelled to even more enormous proportions. His pants fell into a puddle around his ankles and the hem of his tank top rode up on his narrow chest.

“So…why does a guy like you need to answer personal ads?” I asked, puzzled. “I mean…you can pick up someone anytime, surely?”

“Probably for the same reason you ran one,” he said, his breathing growing ragged from lust. “It saves time…and it’s a challenge.”

Keeping my hand steady on his boner, I reached into my pants with the other and pulled out one of the condoms I’d packed in anticipation of our meeting. Though I hated to cover that magnificent specimen, I was determined not to waste what was sure to be a geyser of boyspunk by letting it splatter onto the floor. Hastily, I giftwrapped that fat sucker, guided him to a seat on the edge of his mattress, and got down on my knees between his spread legs. I got right down to business, spreading my lips around his head and working my tongue over and around the latex covering. Every now and then, I’d tighten my jaws and nibble playfully on his shaft. He really seemed to like that.

Though the spit-moistened surface was good and slippery, it still felt like I was trying to swallow a fire hydrant, rigid steel cap and all. Once or twice, I felt my jaw spasm with pain, and I even heard it pop as I pressed my way steadily toward his crotch. Meanwhile, the fat bulge at the end of his stalk scraped along the roof of my mouth as it plowed its way toward the back of my throat. The repetitive thrusts of his hips forced him deeper inside with every beat. From his obvious self-control, I knew he’d been telling the truth—he really did know what he was doing. I was the one who felt like a rank amateur now as I struggled to hold all that steaming meat inside my mouth.

Suddenly, I saw his body tense up and felt his thighs squeeze against my cheeks. He started shaking as his plump balls unleashed a torrent of jizz that just about blew the back of my head off. Totally lost in the pleasure of being completely stuffed with his detonating cannon, I just blanked out and let myself melt into his raw, wet heat.

“Mmm, awesome,” he groaned as the last few pellets of spunk hit the latex pressed against the back of my throat. “You’re pretty good. A lot of guys can’t handle that much meat.”

I resisted the urge to rub my aching jaws as I carefully slid down his pole and rocked back on my haunches.

“Well, I’m always up for a challenge,” I joked.

His sleek blond eyebrows lifted.

“Yeah? How about I check that out for myself?”

In a flash, he had me up on the bed beside him and was pulling down my pants. He gave my balls a little nibble, then wrapped a hand around my shank and massaged me up to full mast. Breathing hard, I peeled off his tank top, leaving him totally naked. His chest was almost completely hairless, which made it easier for me to suck hungrily on his blunt nipples. He didn’t give me much time to linger there, however. Seconds later, my legs were in the air and he was between them, slicking a fresh condom over his cock, which was already getting hard again.

For a moment, I felt a little dizzy with panic. He was actually planning to stuff my ass with that horny bat of his and I figured it would hurt like hell. I tried to will my ass-muscles to stay loose while he hunched himself up close to me and lined up his cockhead with my puckerhole.

“Just, just go slow, man, okay?” I whispered hoarsely.

He laughed.

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing, remember?”

My only response was a moan. After all, what choice did I have but to trust him? I wasn’t in much of a position—literally—to do anything else, with my heels on his shoulders and my asshole open to the world!

Reaching down, he parted my hole with his fingers and rubbed my rim for what seemed like ages. The slow, repetitive movements sent sparks of pleasure right up the core of my ass. At the same time, his other hand rubbed my cock up and down in that same easy, relaxing way. To my amazement, I could feel my body loosening up, getting in tune with his. Heat rolled through my veins as a waiting orgasm swelled in my crotch. Then, suddenly, his fat cock was back and drilling its way up my backside.

“Unngghh,” I gurgled when he forced the first inch or so up inside me.

I’d been right. It was probably the most painful invasion I’d ever felt, almost like he was forcing me open with a balled-up fist.


“Aw, c’mon, you can take it,” he growled, humping his hips and burying a little more of himself in my bung.

It felt like he was splitting me in two, but somehow I managed to keep from crying out. I guess in the back of my mind I realized that having mall security swarm the van was the last thing I wanted. Besides, once I got past the panic caused by that searing initial blast of pain, I realized that he was filling me up way better than any guy ever had. The only way I can describe it is as a kind of sweet agony, the kind that lifts your whole being to another level, despite the intensity of the pain.

While he pushed his way inside, he stepped up the fist-action on my boner, keeping my ass-canal loose and my sphincter willing. Before long, he’d segued into a perfect harmony. His hand and cock worked together like two parts of a well-oiled fucking machine, perfectly in sync not only with each other but with my throbbing cock-pulse. Time seemed to stand completely still until I was on the verge of coming. I guess Davey must have felt my cock stiffen in his fingers, because he suddenly closed his fingers on my shaft, pushed into me with all his might, and bent down so close that his baby-smooth cheek rested on my much hairier chest.

“Do it,” he rasped. “Let it go!”

I did, magnificently. My cream shot into the air and rained back down on both of us, dappling his smooth chest and my raised legs with hot white droplets. At the same time, he let loose with a second cum-blast that just about tore out my entrails. It just went on and on, a crazy mixture of pleasure, pain, and total ecstasy that I know I’ll never forget or experience again.

Well, maybe I will. Because even though it’s been a couple of months since that day and I haven’t seen him since, I’ve been rethinking my position on long-term relationships. I’m running another ad. And this one is meant only for him.

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