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(posted January 12, 2006)

Boyz Night Out

by Scottie Lowe

“You have got to be kidding me! There’s a secret knock and a password just to get in? This has to be some sort of setup.”

David read the words of the email invitation over and over again as he feared the worst, mumbling to himself in disbelief and in confusion. Not long ago, he had joined an online group for Black men who sleep with other men and had read the posted requirements to get a private invitation to a “special” party. It was supposed to be an all male, all Black, sex party with an exclusive clientele list and some really intense action. So David had sent in the application two weeks earlier with all the required paperwork.

“For a fee of $300 dollars for the night, it had better be discrete, safe, and hot,” he thought.

There was supposed to be an assortment of thugs, ballers, pretty boyz and even some TS girls, every sort of brotha possible, all demanding the utmost discretion and all open for wild, uninhibited hardcore fucking. He read the email every day until the party, turned on by thinking about the possibilities but seriously questioning whether he could go through with it.

When the Friday night finally arrived, he nervously made his way to the address in the email and sat outside in his car to have a few drinks. The home was no joke, straight outta MTV Cribs, but nestled out in the far recesses of a remote subdivision where no one would even suspect Black people lived, let alone partied to extremes. Eventually he made his way to the door and knocked. He thought for a second he had been transported back to the twenties. A panel on the door of what looked like an old-fashioned juke joint slid open and a set of eyes came peering out. They were a woman’s eyes, heavily made up with mascara and shadow and all that chick stuff.

“Ain’t this some shit,” he thought to himself as he was struck with a wave of nervousness that overcame his body.

“Password,” she said.

David stumbled.

“Oh, I’m here for . . . I thought this was . . . I’m sorry, I must be in the wrong place.”


He stood silent for a moment as he tried to recall the phrase sent in the instructions. The combination of alcohol and nerves were not conducive to a good memory.

“Suckin’ dick is . . . wait, that’s not it. It’s something like, a brotha fuckin’ me is what I crave. No, no, wait. It’s Black men . . . Shit, I can’t remember. It’s something about brothas fucking and sucking.”

Apparently, that was good enough because laughter suddenly erupted from the opening, the locks clicked, and the door opened. Standing before him now was an exquisite woman, dressed in what was obviously expensive lingerie. David was never attracted to women romantically or emotionally but occasionally he found himself slightly wooded thinking about them sexually. This sexy, chocolate sista, however, came with extra equipment that was more than apparent from the bulge between her legs. Somebody had spent a helluva lotta money on fake tits and hormones and whatever the hell else guys do when they want to become women. She welcomed him in and invited him into the sitting room.

David saw brothas chillin’ in various stages of relaxation, undress, and arousal everywhere. There was an assortment of men, from light, bright, and damn-near-white to the blackest of ebony and every shade in between; heavy, slim, packing and not; some were attractive and others were not. It was a veritable array of chocolate for any taste. David felt like a kid in a candy store and he wanted to sample all the treats.

This experience was a treat for David because he rarely let himself be sexual. It had been almost two years since he had been in a relationship and his sex life consisted of a webcam and some vaseline or, occasionally, a booty call with an ex. But he had decided that it was time to take charge of his sex life and he felt empowered now as he stood surrounded by all those men that wanted the same thing he wanted. He affirmed that he wasn’t being a slut. He was just choosing to open himself to new experiences. But apparently, he was looking a little wide-eyed and out of his element when a voice came from behind.

“This must be your first time. Hi my name is Kalfani, nice to meet you.”
David returned the pleasantries and extended his hand into one belonging to a brotha with a beautiful smile and welcoming eyes. Kalfani was about 5’8” to David’s 6’0” but that didn’t make him trip at all. David learned long ago that height, much like size, did not make the man. Kalfani took the initiative to show David around the house. It was much bigger than he had initially surmised and in every lavish and expensively decorated room were brothas looking to fuck or get fucked. Kalfani had been to the party three times previously. He considered himself a veteran and offered to show David all the private nooks and crannies.

There was a basement for BDSM play, a bathroom the size of most studio apartments that could accommodate those whose thirsts might be a little more alternative. There was a den that had mattresses all over the floor for some serious group play and lots of other rooms if you required a little more privacy. There was TVs all over with fuck flicks showing hot bois getting down and dirty as well. Other than a lot of solo stroking and mutual masturbation, however, there really wasn’t a lot of action going on.

“When does the shit pop off in here,” David whispered as if he didn’t want anyone to hear what he was saying.

“Oh, that’s right, you don’t know,” Kalfani replied. “The host, Kevin, usually gets things going. He likes the anticipation to build so everyone’s on the edge and then he puts on a show and then it’s on and crackin’.”

As if on cue, all the TV screens went to snow and an intercom system announced, “Gentlemen, the fun is about to begin.” The TV screens flickered into focus. It was a closed circuit shot of one of the playrooms. There were athletic mats on the floor. Kalfani pointed out the host as he appeared on the screen. He was naked and glistening and hard as a rock. Along with him were several fellas he had selected from the party to be his playmates for the evening. On the screen before his eyes, David watched as the host had two guys kneel before him. They proceeded to suck his dick at the same time while another brotha was eating out his ass. David glanced around the room and saw men starting to engage in various acts. Some were starting to fuck themselves with toys, others were just watching the action on the screen while stroking themselves, still others were ignoring the action totally and getting hot and sweaty in some intense play of their own.

David jumped slightly when he felt a hand reaching for his dick but quickly realized it was his new friend, Kalfani. Kalfani was rolling his balls around between his fingers and getting David really aroused. David returned the favor but went straight for the dick instead of the balls, stroking Kalfani to full erection. Kalfani was not real long but he was thick as hell and curved and David loved dick. He loved the feel of it in his mouth, in his hand, the way it leaked precum, everything about it. Kalfani began to thrust his hips back and forth as he began to jerk off David as well.

David glanced back quickly at the TV screen and saw that the host had somehow managed to get two dicks in his ass and was sucking off another one at the same time. All inhibitions were now gone and everyone around him was now totally into the scene. There was fucking and sucking going on all around and all the sounds and smells that accompanied hot man sex. Kalfani grabbed David’s hand, pulled him over to one of the loveseats and pushed him down on it. He then proceeded to swallow David’s joint whole. David let out a moan and wanted to close his eyes but he couldn’t. In addition to the hot action on the screen, everywhere he turned he could see somebody getting served some hot, hard meat. Kalfani was an expert at giving brain and was deepthroating him with no sweat.

Just then, another guy joined them on the loveseat. He grabbed David’s hand and shoved his fingers into his hot, wet hole. He was riding David’s fingers and stroking himself while Kalfani seemed determined to suck the ever-loving-life out of David, who decided his mouth was in need of being filled so he motioned for a guy who had been watching the action to come over.

“Fuck my mouth!”

The guy climbed across his face and started to fill David’s mouth with dick. Kalfani was doing such a hot job that spit was running past David’s balls to his asshole. Kalfani lifted David’s legs, pointed his tongue and drove it straight up David’s hot, funky manhole. He was sucking, licking, kissing, and tonguing that hole, driving David crazy. If David didn’t nut from the fabulous head he had been getting he was about to lose it from the slutty hole fucking his fingers, the juicy dick pumping his hungry mouth and the wet, hot tongue probing his mancunt.

The men fucking him had no mercy; they weren’t finished fucking nor did they give a damn if David thought he was finished. The guy who had been pounding his hole grabbed him up in his masculine, strong arms, David’s back to his chest, and began sliding him up and down on his pole. David was helpless to do anything; he had no control over his own pleasures. He couldn’t get over the fact that he was being bounced up and down so effortlessly on this guy’s dick, but lust will inspire men to perform amazing feats. He concentrated on squeezing his hole tight, determined to make the guy fucking him work hard for every drop of cum he was going to unload. Kalfani found another mouth to fuck as he faded into the crowd.

As the guy fucking him began to fatigue, David told him to lie down and let him do some of the work. As he began to position himself over the dick of the guy whose name he didn’t even want to know, he noticed that Kevin, the host, had made his way to a nearby sofa and was watching him in action, leisurely stroking his dick and fingering his well fucked asshole. David was inspired to put on a show that would impress the gracious host as well as anyone else who had the inclination to watch.

He stopped for a moment and looked Kevin in the eye right before he doubled over to suck the head of his own dick. As desperate for the taste of cum as he was, David had learned that little trick in privacy a long time ago and never thought he would share it in the presence of anyone else. He heard guys gasping in awe as he swallowed more of his dick than he had ever gotten in his mouth before. Not satisfied with just the taste of his own dick, David also began to suck the dick that had just been in his ass. He then spit on the guy’s dick and positioned himself just over it, with the head poised right at the entrance to his hole. He was on his feet with his hands resting on his knees. The muscles under his smooth bronze skin flexed in his thighs and ass, showing signs of flexibility, strength and stamina.

David made his decent, lowering himself completely onto the dick beneath him. He used this particular technique because it allowed him the greatest control over his anus possible; squeezing it in ways that made the person he was riding helpless to control his nut. He rode that dick hard, bouncing up and down on it, using it to fuck himself and give himself pleasure, using his ass muscles with skill and control. His technique proved to be too much for his partner to take. David felt the spasms and the hot cum dripping as he released the limp dick from his hole. Ready for more hot action, he got on his knees and looked directly in Kevin’s eyes.

“More,” was all he said.

Kevin moved slowly, sincerely distant and unaffected by the command but intrigued nonetheless. Kevin spread David’s ass to inspect the goods. He was rough with his treatment and David moaned in anticipation. He shoved three fingers in David’s hole and roughly fingered his pussy. Pleasure mounting and without warning, the fingers in his ass were yanked out. Kevin pulled David’s hips back and started fucking his well used, stretched out hole. David was still able to work the muscles in his well fucked ass, but the previous fucking had obviously loosened him up. He closed his eyes as he felt his balls draw up near his body as he concentrated with all his might in contracting his slack asshole to give his lover the greatest pleasure possible. Kevin pressed his body into David’s back and leaned close to whisper in his ear.

“You keep giving up ass this good and you might just make a brotha fall in love with you.”

David closed his eyes tightly and watched the fireworks go off behind his eyes. Cum shot out of his dick and landed on the floor beneath him. He was flipped over on his back as Kevin stroked out his load into David’s open and hungry mouth.

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