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(posted February 2, 2006)

Make Mine Extra, Extra Large to Go

by Laura Baumbach

His bed was enormous, broad and firm, just like he was. Brad Wilson tossed his latest pickup from one of his broad, hard-muscled shoulders straight down onto the middle of the bed, and there Josh Robertson lay, sprawled on his slender back, legs spread, his wrists tied together with a coffee-shop-bag-turned-rope flung up on the pillows. The crisp, cotton sheets were cool on Josh’s heated, trapped skin. He brought his hands down to his chest and prepared to push up on one elbow, but flopped back down as a large naked wall of sweaty muscle and chest hair rose up between his legs.

Brad crawled up Josh's body on his hands and knees; slowly, like a panther appraising a long awaited, finally fallen prey. The look in his eyes reflected the same primal attitude. He was hungry with desire and need. Josh pressed back into the pillows and wet his lips. He rested his bound wrists on the curve of his ribcage for protection. The bulk of Brad's body settled over Josh. Sweat glistened on the dips and swells of his well-defined, heavily muscled body. Josh longed to be free, to be able to reach up and lick the moisture from this man's bronzed chest and to taste the ripe tawny nipple buds beckoning to him just inches away. A gasp escaped Josh as Brad flexed his lower torso and nudged the end of his cock tighter against the trapped boy’s ass. Brad stroked Josh's face with his thumb, tracing the line of the delicate cheekbone. He leered down at Josh.

"As soon as I saw you standing in line for coffee at the café tonight, I couldn't wait to bring you back here."

Josh grunted and spread his legs further. Brad responded by burrowing deeper between his ass cheeks.

"I'll bet you like hot, brutal sex in the dark with strangers who make you beg."

Brad thrust up, forcing the blunt head of his cock to ride hard against the small, tight opening to Josh's body. Josh grunted again and bent his knees, bringing his legs up on either side of Brad's sculptured hips. He didn’t answer. He panted a few breaths.

His eyes darted back and forth, taking in every aspect of Brad's face, from the fine, laugh lines at the corners of his eyes to the stubble beginning to erupt on the strong chin. He wanted to remember this face, to know it. Brad slowly lowered his head for a chaste kiss. He kissed the tip of Josh's nose, each cheek, then gently nuzzled and mouthed each closed eye.

"I’m going to have you."

Brad kissed him, forcibly prying open Josh's mouth with his lips to dart his tongue inside the hot cavity. He coaxed Josh's tongue into his own mouth and sucked on it, stroking the silky underside until Josh moaned and writhed under him.

"Want to feel your tight little ass grab a hold of my cock and milk it with its slick hot walls."

Brad pushed against Josh with his massive shaft. Josh felt his ass grow warm and slippery from the fluid leaking out of the tip.

"I want to ram myself into you. Pump my cum into you, flood you with it."

Brad's lips rapidly worked their way around Josh's face to breathe heavy and hot into the delicate shell of his ear. He swirled and licked at the tender skin in-between panted words.

"And after I pull out, a part of me will still be dripping into every crack and corner of you. My cum, seeping into your body, making you mine."

Brad panted heavily and rubbed his prickly cheek over Josh's jaw.

"Want you to feel me inside you. Every pulse of my cock, every spurt of juice, every hot drop of my load, just for you."

Josh grunted out a jerky, lust-filled series of barely understandable syllables. His words and thoughts were silenced by Brad's tongue thrusting down his throat. Josh tried to groan, restless and frustrated, digging his bound hands into the smooth plains of flesh pressed against him.

Brad pulled back to sit up on his haunches. Taking hold of Josh's hips, he hauled them up his thighs and onto his lap in one swift, violent motion. He slipped his long arms under Josh's bent legs so Josh’s knees rested in the crooks of his elbows. His full, thick cock strutted in the air, tall and leaking, its veins and ridges engorged and pulsing. Grabbing both of their cocks in one massive, callused hand, Brad pulled rough, fast strokes up the two burning shafts.

Josh grunted at the sudden coarse caress and arched up into the insistent grip. He reached out with his bound hands and was surprised—and hurt—when Brad yanked them forward and down, forcing them over their erections. His trapped fingers were wrapped around Brad's stiffening thickness. Barely able to reach around its entire width, Josh used two hands, and nestled his own shaft between his restrained wrists. He clamped his forearms together to increase the friction on his own cock and worked his two-handed fist up and down over Brad. A deep, animal groan rumbled from the back of Brad's throat. He stared down at their joined bodies.

"Look at you. Your tied hands, stroking my cock, working me over. It's so hot. Do it."

He ran his palms up Josh's sides and over his chest, leaning forward to pluck and roll his nipples into taut nubs of fire.


The change in position forced Josh to curl up tighter. He tore his gaze away from Brad's sweat-covered face and awed expression, and looked. The sight of his cock rubbing his lashed wrists, rasping over the wrinkles of the ties, made his head swim and his prick swell. He couldn’t help how hard he had become.

Brad's stout, massive rod felt like satin over molten steel; hot, heavy and growing. The flared, leaking head exploded through his fists like a mushroom growing in time-lapsed photography, submerging and re-exploding again and again. Creamy moisture spilled from its slit, slicking the tight sheath of Josh's hands. His thumb rubbed at the head's underside, massaging and teasing the rim. Brad's face contorted into a grimace of lustful, savage bliss. Josh had never seen anything so feral and erotic.

Josh watched a rivulet of sweat run down Brad's neck, then trickle over the man's bulging pecs to drip off the tip of his nipple and splash onto Josh's quivering belly. Josh surged up to lick the next drop of sweat. Latching onto the nub, he jabbed it with a stiff tongue and worried it with his teeth, pulling it taut, then releasing it as he slowly lowered himself back down to the bed. His fevered gaze locked with Brad's near wild stare. He licked his lips to savor the lingering salty taste.

"I say when. I say when."

Reduced to a guttural rumble for speech, but in control of his body's responses once more, Brad released their shafts and plucked at a stray end of Josh's bonds. He leaned forward, slid his hands under the fullness of Josh's bum and chastely kissed his panting partner.


Brad's raw, hungry growl hissed into Josh's ear. At the same time, Josh’s backside was lifted and his cheeks separated. A blunt, slick rod of lava-hot steel drove through his tight opening and plunged deep into his channel.

"Fuck!" Josh tried to scream.

He arched his body and threw his head back onto the pillow, the intense burn of the sudden stretch painful beyond words. Expecting Brad to ram the length of his thick cock to the root, he wrapped his legs around Brad's waist, his hands braced on sweat-slicked shoulders. He shivered as the burn in his ass spread, as his passage fluttered and spasmed around the massive intruder.


Brad groaned as he pressed his head against Josh's flushed face. He captured Josh's mouth and ravaged it, the kiss demanding and rough. He began to thrust in long jabs, plunging deeper and deeper, impaling Josh with a hammering motion that rocked the entire bed.

Needing a distraction from the overwhelming sensation of fullness in his plundered ass, Josh swiped his tongue over a nearby dusky nipple. Brad grabbed him by the hair with one hand and pressed his mouth to the crinkled bud.

"Oh yeah, suck it."

Patiently dragging his cock out of Josh's flared and clenching hole, Brad slowed down his thrusts, letting the tight muscle caress the entire length until the underside of the engorged, bulbous head emerged and spread the sensitive ring of nerve endings to its limits. He released his hold on Josh's head to better brace himself. His still fattening rod drove in and battered the clinging, velvety walls. Screaming, Josh shuddered and bucked, clenching his own ass.

Grunting between gasps, Brad clamped his fingers on Josh's hip and worked his own rod in and out like a piston.

"That's it. Take me in."

He wrapped one hand around Josh's long neglected shaft, ruthlessly stroking the leaking head with the abrasive pad of his thumb.

"I'm going to cum for you. Fill you up with my juice. Cum with me. Let me see you spurt."

Josh was reduced to babbled grunts as the flood of sensations in his ass clouded his mind. Burning pain, sizzling heat as a rapidly building rush of electrical passion fused together and peaked.


His inarticulate sounds rose to a shriek and then died, frozen on Josh's lips as his throat, his cock and his ass all spasmed. Creamy threads of viscous fluid erupted from him to coat his abdomen. The intensity left him weak, befuddled and pliant, only conscious now of the throbbing fullness stretching and pounding into his raw ass.

His dwindling shaft remained trapped in the tight sleeve of Brad's hand until his captor released him and grabbed both of his thighs. Brad yanked Josh deeper onto his lap, embedding his pulsing, stiff cock as far into his dazed body as physically possible, then froze. Josh groaned and convulsed around the unyielding shaft, feeling the hot flood of juices being blasted up his ass to bath places no one else had ever reached. His cock twitched and shivered at the thought.

As the paralyzing fever of climax tapered off, Brad gasped in a needed breath and opened his eyes to his own vision of sated lust. His gaze raked down Josh's sweaty, cum-splattered body. He licked his lips and softly growled, low and deep in his chest. Gasping, Josh hissed and clenched the muscles of his hard-ridden ass as Brad eased him off the still half-hard shaft.

"Nice and easy."

Brad guided Josh's ass back down on the mattress and gently lowered his bent legs. Dropping to his side, Brad flopped over Josh's leg and flattened himself alongside the exhausted body beside him.

"Jesus, what you do to me," Brad gasped.

Groaning, he spread a hand over Josh's hip, then pulled him into a kiss. Brad's warm hands kneaded his sweat-chilled flesh and caressed the base of Josh's spine. He melted into the embrace with a shiver.

He ran a heated palm up his arm chasing away goose bumps. He reached down and pulled the covers up from the bottom of the bed. He tucked the sheet and light comforter around Josh, then draped a heavy arm over him. The warm musk of their combined scents permeated the air. Josh ran his hand down his own abdomen, tracing the path of drying secretions.

"Want to shower? Most of you is inside of me, but all of me is all over us."
Brad chuckled and pulled Josh nearer. He nuzzled his nose into the space between them and inhaled deeply. He placed another lingering kiss on Josh's pliant mouth. Josh clenched his ass to intensify the deep, burning, glorious ache left behind. He ran an appreciative hand over Brad’s thick, muscled biceps.

"I feel mauled," he whispered.

Reveling in the solid strength of his partner, he slung an arm over Brad's waist and leaned into him.

"Very good, but definitely mauled."

"Only good?"

Brad squeezed Josh's butt cheek hard enough to make him yelp.

"I must be losing my touch."

His voice turned sultry, rich with promise.

"I’ll have to try harder next time."

"You do and I won’t be able to walk."

Josh shimmied his groin against Brad's thigh.

"Sitting is going to be a challenge as it is."

"That a problem?"

Brad roughly massaged Josh's tender backside. The dull, throbbing shot bolts of pain/pleasure through Josh.

"No. No problem."

Josh's voice was ragged and breathy.

"It’s actually kind of nice."

He bit at his lower lip, then released it to blurt out, "I love it."

Brad rolled over, pinning Josh partially under his weight. He ghosted his fingertips down his lover’s sweaty flank then slid his arms around Josh. Josh yawned and snuggled down. His exhausted, sore body welcomed the invitation to temporary oblivion.

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